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All of the other cats cages and lets them all out he would he would break in which is why he's considered a cat burglar was all right okay bill handled let's take a call mornings from six to ten KFI six forty it's Conway show LA county supervisor is whether it's Catherine Catherine Barger and also Michael Hastings from McHale's navy always nice to see him I all right that is so let's talk about homeless because that is a huge issue and what we're doing now is not working Catherine take the floor what do you recommend well my polkas obvious that said this housing is grounds are we gonna have a place to put him back I'm completely in support of challenging the ninth circuit's decision on the Boise which requires us to have one for one shelter for person and I cannot be fifty six thousand beds in LA county join that lawsuit right we did we didn't we didn't amicus along our friend to court okay but if that's overturned that will allow us to enforce anti camping laws on the street that is me we're going to sweeps and their people that said I'm trying to criminalize the homeless look at the numbers now LAPD just released her numbers for for an area close to downtown then the number of arrests are up by the homeless they're already being criminalized but we need to have the ability to leverage saying their shelter available will you take it if you won't we have to enforce the laws because I'm getting calls in my office from people that are saying what about my quality of life right I can't take my children to the park I walk down the street and there are people you know defecating on all your that is not quite what that is not stability that is not what the society should should be all about we have an obligation to uphold the laws around the book that's right I was I'm mad it happened two weeks ago I'm hosing down the alley behind my behind our house and I wanna cops pulls up and says I'm a you know you're not supposed to do that I said well there was human defecation here that's why he was old got always is sorry I did note that you were doing and so I go inside and my wife goes did you just lie to the cop yeah but part of the problem you have to remember but Hey look I attend with those guys they know is just be entertained which you have to understand is that is bleeding over in every small community that's right county camps pollution it's our responsibility in communities to also get the private sector to step out that's right because we can't continue we turn to government say fix every problem we have right and that's why we're looking how do you take care behavior health but a Wells Fargo joined donated a billion dollars right but where is that money going to go in and Michael if we do have private industry help us out how are they going to do anything different of what what is the actual solution like let's say you know I think was Macintosh or apple put in a billion dollars working at billion dollars go that we can get some of these guys and gals off the street what you got to look into the private sector that is willing to invest in care me St Joseph's Medical Center here in Burbank seventy eight million dollar campaign to build a brand new E. R. and so much of this is focused on behavior health because we've never seen such an influx as we have now and by the way thank you because without you that hospital read it would not have been I've even if they would even started construction without you well there are a lot of people I mean Michael because mine who's the who's a board of governors chair he's the best yeah he is he is an amazing mid upper back that's correct right correct goes that to Larry across the street that's right freight but add on to that I mean right now get mad at the governor if you want but I will I will take my hat off to him because he is actually allow the state to enter into an I am the waiver which means we will actually be able to your house will be able to bill Medicaid for mental health beds which currently they cannot do that got sixteen or more it's considered a mental health hospital right and Medicaid will not reimburse really so the state because the opioid crisis in this country the federal government has said of you as a state are willing to enter into a waiver we will grant it and you will now be able to bill and expand on the mental health beds which is a key component to addressing the issues on the street that's right part of this problem is we're expecting Catherine to handle this right and it's our ability well it's our responsibility to raise money we tell people we're doing a Burbank for Saint Joe's people are opening up their wallets because they're saying well what of course I want to help but the problem is everyone saying we'll let the county do it let's write well that's our tax money that's that's a seventy eight million dollar face lift over there it's not a face with ground up brand new facility while Randy and they've already started we broke ground will be opened early twenty twenty two have a tech are they gonna take the old building into the new building also well I old building the old building with the nice things will be able to transition into the new building but that building because it's certified we're not going to really do much with it except use it for possibly behavior health issues later right if I rowing and and Disney and Warner brothers I they have to know that if anybody you know has a heart attack or anything they're going there to that hospital so often I should make that little gray went when I was in office I used to go over it was like you know I go to cedars right oh god bless all those other hospitals right cities very important executives when you have your heart attack if you're not going to cedar it's a money all of a sudden the money flowed at right but that's what it's all about we all have to pay our fair share just because you live somewhere else you've got to donate to your own community okay let's take a break you stay with us yep okay all right Catherine barges but this also Michael Hastings we'll talk not just about the homeless but more fun issues as well LA county a huge budget thirty six billion dollars annually we'll find out where that money goes and how and where does that money come from as well I think mostly me I went to buy a razor's today thirty three dollars for razors and she's at thirty seven dollars I looked down and I and I still every time I see that number I can't believe we're paying over ten percent and sales tax it's unbelievable it's irritating as hell is the Catherine you bet it is hi will live on if I am six forty more.

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