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Was looking at instagram yesterday and great picture of Bryan big show. LAX The best part has to the same species. Yes because that was the thing I saw big show at baggage claim. Because how could you not and when you see him as a four foot four men a full adult. Hi I'm just looking. I'm like worth like we're the same. We're we got all all the same parts. Where where human beings? That's that's rain right. That's rains right. They're kind of like like if a pug looks at a great Dane and just realizes realizes we're both dogs that's madness now. The another crazy part about me and the big show is as soon as I posted that photo all Jericho Hollick's that now follow me on instagram. From my last appearance and my and my appearance on the Chris Jericho rockin wrestling raiders. See they immediately all said the same thing was he scared of you. Have you said on this. PODCAST that The he has he's he's very no big show before no. This was just so you can tell them the story but yeah super friendly best disposition guy. He can get grumpy at times but he will tell you with a smile. Like I'm pretty scared. Tired of little people and they used to review Vincent send like if they brought little people in with Cindy after show. And there's actually a famous Infamous bit that. We did on a Christmas show where me means. Show got attacked by a gang of dwarfs dressed as Christmas l. and then proceeded to just kick the shit out of all of them. The show was just throwing these dudes around and one guy got dropped off the top rope like Christmas Turkeys. Caesar I'm scared of these guys so I think he's GonNa turn around now. What is like the elephant in the mouse right? Yeah Yeah Yeah I mean he didn't. I got no inclination to that whatsoever when uh when I met him he he didn't mention he told me that he follows me on twitter and then it was very funny. So that he mo- he'll Gotcha. Yeah he knew he he he knows who I am. He actually said that he didn't like he recognized me first but he didn't want to say anything because he's like because if you weren't Brad Williams have been really bad all you guys like same really really like sad and like Oh my God I did the same thing you know and But I I told him that He and I actually have something in common besides you so you know just like what are you have in common with the big show with his size near size and the and the thing is is like we can't hide big show can't put on a Hat and a scarf and be like no. I'm not the big show. Yeah you know what I mean and museum thing. I've put on like I fly. I don't look like take my show self at all I fly with a beanie shorts. Whatever like the most comfortable person ever and no one ever no known ever walks up and goes like like you're not like the the only thing they may say is that they think I'm Horn swaddled or they think we from Jackass but they all they always know on somebody because they rack their brains? Imagine wrestlers are like that. A lot of you guys are huge. You have a look to you. I went to the stones last slate and one person was convinced I was Shawn Michaels Triple H. I was convinced I was dog the bounty hunter. Wow that one must have heard because that guy's a few years ago here's bits all concurrent with the fact that I have long hair now because before it was Patrick swayze. Yeah Bon. Jovi and Gordon Ramsay also hurt. Yeah that one hurts you Gordon Ramsay or dog the bounty hunter. I'm not sure. Yeah and and that's the thing is people say when people say that I'm beard inkling. It's like all right shoulder. But he's like twenty years older than me but We a we man's about ten years older than me about twenty pounds heavier than me. That's right shots. Fired headline take that out And and then Horns log will. I never met him. We text and he's a friend but I've never met him but now he's got like that. Aj styles hair hair now like he's got like the glamorous locks I'm jealous he's always had some weird hair though he was show with goofy hair. Here fires shots fired. That's right you know what. Let let let's just say it right now. Chris Jericho's rock and wrestling Rogers C.. Part do there's GonNa be a triple threat cage match it's GonNa be me. We men and and horns wall swaddled Thursday like he's a kindred spirit ships if you do meet other little people or like Lacrosse Ergo was Yeah yeah there. There's a nod. They're they're like okay. Okay we get it and it's very it's very easy to spot another dwarf because we're the only ones that making eye contact with each other like that was the joke with with the big show where I said I I met his bottom half. I was trying to make eye contact with them but my neck is just not that strong. It's just hard to do. Yeah and I imagine engine. It's tough for him To where he just has to be looking down at people the whole time has not understand but show show is so like he got like like. I said he can't hide and he took photos with everyone who walked up to him and wanted to take photo. He was the nicest guy when you say. The words Gentle giant that net. Nah that is definitely him. I'm just always shocked that people walk up to guys like you or show or Honnor. Whoever that look look like you're intimidating guys like I? If you got mad there would be. There would be an incident. You know what I mean and and probably wouldn't work out in favor. Uh of the person asking the autograph like like I get it when people walk up to made there. It's like what the Hell is GonNa do. You know he's going to bite my knee anything but like you guys I. I'd be scared to make you mad. I'm I'm always amazed at the balls when I used to go. Hang out at the gym to look at. WBF WRESTLERS YEAH A- and back in those is a eight or whatever they were massive massive ass and the only guys that ever talked to the little guys. Like Coco beware and Shawn Michaels Michaels. I try to talk to dynamite kid so he told me cough. Yeah But yeah those are the guys I felt like. You look the my eyes and with that when when when you were doing that time. At least that's before social media and everyone had a camera now you kind of always have to be on a decent behavior. Everyone's got a camera. Everyone's got something and they can edit the video so like we we. We won't hear the part where they yell. Something about your wife Right. They'll just see you turn earn in smack him in the face like that's all they got like So now like now I can understand. 'cause you're okay you have the camera and I could kind of blackmail you but yeah yeah back when you were looking at dynamite. Kid there was I if he conned candidates smack. Yeah there's there's there's nothing there's no proof house a few. I was noticing using this little bit at your show that was that your show Columbus. which by the way thank you? Well just say by the way. Thank you for telling me because most of the time it'll be like dude I was in Columbus to you. Why don't you tell me but you actually had the foresight to say? Are you gonNa be there and it worked out today is able to come to your gig. Yeah it was I I was hanging out with my buddy Zach Myers whose cars from the ban. shinedown shout shine down and he told me he was playing a festival there and I said Oh who who you excited to see any any ran down the line of the instead. Yeah and the Guy Fauzi it sick. I was like wait Fauzi. Oh Christians out so mealy texted you and and You had you had your set. You had some stuff that you had to shoot afterward and then. I don't know how far that drive was the fact that you made the drive and saw me and and saw the show and ride on time. That's that meant the world to me. Thank you thank you for vitamin gone. Show but I was GonNa ask you notice. People are filming a lot during your your show. How does that because you know what happened? I was at the stones was the unless they end people myself included just for snippets. You're watching this great show through the camera. which makes everybody smaller? Yeah does that bother you. Does it affect your Gig. Yeah especially with comedy. Because you you get like if you if you record the stones doing Jumping Ping Jack Flash. They're GONNA do jumping Jack Flash every city. There's not going to be that one city where Where Mick Jagger goes on WANNA try to say the end would be like that the you know? No one's GONNA catch it. Catch one of those moments. The songs the songs when you're doing comedy bits. That's a different thing. 'cause you're you're trying rioting stuff in. I don't always know what's going to be funny I was doing a bit Last week I I won't say what the bit was but it failed miserably miserably and I knew like well that I can't do that and the bit was slightly offensive and When I kinda analyze it I go well? That didn't work but thank God. People weren't videotaping that bit. It wasn't ready right. It wasn't wasn't funny it wasn't and if you just isolate that audio of what I was talking about. Wow Oh wow I would not come out in a good light so I've stopped shows before 'cause when I see someone hold up their phone at a show in my head I go all right. You have a a seven second clock and if I don't see the phone go down. That means they're videotaping So I go okay then I I'll stop show and I'll say hey. Do you know but but the phone down. I'm taking like I do meet and greets afterward you saw that. I take photos with everyone who wants to take a photo. Id meet everyone who wants to meet me. So we'll do then now now it's the show. Sit Down enjoy yourself. How coming across like an asshole though right because you do it once? And that's it that's it you do Kinda roast the guy a bit the message. Yeah Yeah Yeah One Line. I said one time this was right after. This was right after the Louis C. K. story broke and I saw this ride for someone. Recorded him doing a sad and he didn't know he was being recorded and he said something about the Parkland shooting and someone when got released. The audio did not did not go. Well Yeah Yeah A he's done enough but at the same time so oh that just happened and I and I and I saw someone trying new bit and I saw someone with the phone holding it up and I told them you know put it away and they just didn't. They're they're like no. I'm just GONNA keep recording I. I bought a ticket and I say I'm not GonNa let you Louis C. K. me if you Louis C. K. me I'll Louis C. K. you implying the masturbating right in front of you so I said that to them. They're like that's a fair and then they put away the phone it mostly the fans there. WH- what we as performers after member sometimes is that allow. The fans aren't ingrained in this this world like they don't know the rules they don't know everything we do it every day you Breslin music me with comedy So we know the rules. We know how a show is supposed to be run on a lot of people don't know they know. As the same way. I went to a football game last year and I. I didn't know that they have new bag rules rules so my wife couldn't have her bag she needed. Like clear like Romania. The car drop like all thing but like we don't know the rules so we we don't know those rules. A lot of people don't know the comedy rule times. It's just you informed. People they go. Oh okay so let's talk about some of those other rules comedy but I want to say thanks to boost mobile for making talk is Jericho possible..

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