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So let's bounce around the league with Jared Dudley because one of the things that people like you about us that you're willing to actually say what you think for sure. The hockey assists brings to mind of a weirdly a weirdly hot button topic in the NBA. This year has been how good is trae? Young really and some of the criticisms of him spoke at some. It's criticism like I think he's on the verge being wildly underrated as a passer. I think he's a great passer into but some of the criticisms you hear is he only passes when he knows he's GonNa get an assist. The hockey assisting is not in his game and I think part of that reason he gets that is. That's like a byproduct of the steph curry comparison because Steph was so selfless and smart about. I'M GONNA use my shooting to get other people open. I'm going to give up the ball and go set screens and all my teammates are GonNa pop and like trae hasn't really done that but like not a lot of people have ever done that. Like what Steph does so. I don't know if it's fair to look at Steph and say well why doesn't trae play that way? It's not fair because for one second year. Okay so let's let's let's get down on perspective. His his assist numbers. I mean. Obviously a great but turnovers is one of the worst in the League at too high and the reason why is because every time we go to Orlando. We WanNa take him away anyone's F- frame. Let's double pick and rolls. High Hands Get deflections. He's underside and at that time. We were playing them. There's no John Collins so they had no four who your thoughts to build a make place so a lot of times. She's going to the fore in coming back on so I would say half his his turnovers fatigue and other half is where basically saying anyone except for you because we don't believe that the other you're supporting cast ahead champ go ahead cameras for sure. GonNa Cam Reddish Info and and not even just the hunter kid who's WHO's young. They now at a dead man. It was Alex. Len is players that you need to beat us on a consistent basis. Only way. You could do that if trae youngest having thirty five plus hitting seventy eight threes and doing that which he's capable of. I think that a land. It's GonNa get better. The reason why they're worst is to your is guy little more talented. But they lost veterans they said. Hey we're gonna go with you know. We got the three first round draft picks. We're GONNA make our trade and because of that you're better in the long term but your worship short-term was. They put the right personnel. All draymond green. Give him a draymond green on that team on pick and Rolls Dreamer with Guy Cam Reddish and hunter better. Because now he's a decision maker on they trap them so I think it's a little fair. I'm a big trae young fan. I do see Steph curry in him. But they're going to have to start pudding which they will the next couple of years to write pieces Around him What do you think of Houston going all in on wor not planning any Big Ben? I think it's big for the NBA for the big man to beat them to keep the big man alive interesting and the reason why if they're successful in what they do is a copycat league and it'll be more teams doing that. I think they're the one rare team that can cause they have two of the top ten guards leak that are from the one players and they have my guy lear. Pj Tucker who might be the best defensive player that we don't talk about. I put him on. I put him secondly I think he might have been. I using that made all NBA. Eli I put him on defense last year first or second team. I can't remember because look even if you think at his his. Pj TUCKER'S A. Plus Defense. Yes is not as good as Draymond. Zeh Plus Defensive Bears eight-plus find. But that dude is playing. Pj Tucker a defense for as many minutes as the rockets need at every single position. I think now he's even more valuable than ever. He literally should get a raise of homework. What he's doing he's now the center guard. Ad We have to play so before he had to guard Braun. Switch all ball screen. He'd Garden Gobert. I've had a guard. Gobert. We've gone small ball Gorba- usually kills undersize five. Because you get the rebounds to seal position He lets Mitchell driving because he gets the duck and they have no problem with you. Tell them they play if because a PJ Tucker. I know I know it's I know it's obviously Roslyn high level so So it's important for us and other teams to have to be able to stay alive and and to be prominent 'cause there are already devalued it is is having to beat. Houston it's interesting because they haven't been hurt by post players they beat you guys And and Boston had small guys on the most yesterday. Yep and an ad eighties best offense in that game was missing an offense rebounding his own shot like the first post upshot. John pokes the floaters just weren't going in in Boston. Teams are going to live with that like he's either going to have to make a lot of those or you guys are. GonNa have to find other ways offensive rebound a way. That's good that we're we're going through it now because there's many different ways because a lot of those teams. They switch ball screens. So maybe it's a d at the elbow. Maybe Tim certain screens and ceiling and he's going to have to work on a variety of ways of how to score gacy. Small Ball is when he's GonNa be at the five in so Listen that's a good problem for us to be able to deal with because of the eighty s leach scoring on the block elbow at the three point line Three point size. He's hit two big boss. Which I thought was one of the big reasons why we want because once you hit those two threes. They left Lebron one on one with Jaylen Brown. He had some big buckets that fourth quarter..

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