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And then mcdonagh test a tour you went from routed to this group. So that's a lot for you know, in terms of of broadcasting for an audience over a short amount of time. There's no spinning at as much as ESPN's PR people want to spin it. It was not a good year for them broadcast. It was readings wise, but everybody who's great ratings. But in terms of sort of if you wanna judge based on social media responds anecdotal research people like myself writing it was universally panned. Basically people did not like that broadcast in specific Jason Witten. He was incredibly underwhelming. They're gonna give it another year for sure because I think they don't wanna blow the booth up again. They also have a lot of contractual obligation anywh Whitten side, I think the four years. So if you don't use them on Monday night football, giving the amount of money, you're paying them. Yeah. You put them in the studio. It's of you know, that's a big big money guy. Who's not on your major property? I think they wanna give get tested for another year. As well. Because they Dade moved from big time major college football and put him on this. And what I think they're gonna do. They finally sort of stopped doing this is gonna put McFarland in the booth. I don't think they're going to have that Booker mobile anymore. And they're gonna see how does where they're all together. In a boost my thought on this is and I I am sort of have been on the record. And I'm so happy say on your show and like tested Schwarzer broadcaster. I thought he was tax on of the college football broadcaster. I've liked McFarland as somebody who's an interesting boys from what I've seen of Witton. I think he's a long way from ever being a level analysts, and I'm not sure we'll ever be in any level analysts. So I think long term this isn't the booth for them. But in the short term, I think they're gonna sort of bite down and just hope they improve. I don't see them changing it because I just think there's I think they've invested too much. And I think there's too much money on the line. Right. Fearing that you may once again. Question. My east coast bias the problem with testing, tore is McDonald didn't do anything wrong Gruden decide coaching. What the hell did mcdonagh do wrong merited him being relocated and being shipped out of the Monday night. Boot that just segment I didn't think deserved to be fired. And I really don't believe I'm holding against as a door because I think that's good. But I just don't think he needed to get the job because McDonnell was doing a job. Yeah. So I'm with you on this one. I think McDonalds screwed to be honest. I mean, again, these are all, you know, wealthy people's problems. He moved onto a great college football package making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. So, you know, I I'm I'm realistic. And I understand like when I say Trump's not real problems. But yeah, I'm with you. I thought mcdonagh dot screwed because his chemistry with reading wasn't good. It's very clear that Gruden was looking elsewhere for that year prior to him getting the raiders job. And I think that because Sean McDonough is. To me. He's not the biggest personality. He's not a guy who necessarily props up doing commercials and stuff away from ESPN. Yeah. He's not a personality and like the way by talent. So he was probably an easy guy for another move. But it's been a phenomenal broadcaster throughout his career going back to baseball with the Red Sox, and it's EDS going back to his college football work. I thought he he Chris Spillman when they were together for and away the best college football broadcasts team, even though they weren't doing the top top games at their network. And so I'm with you. I I did not understand that move. He was an ESPN executive who told me that he was not going to be moved. And then four months later, he was moved. So I I'm with you on McDonnell. I'm with you. I I don't think I like to have to. But I don't think he's a better announcer. That thing Sean McDonough, and I'm not sure why Sean McDonough could not have continued with the new boots. But I hope for Shawn's case have Boston about this that he's happy. And he does have a great college. Football or fully on that's a very fun schedule. But I'm with you. I I thought I to me the problem if you if you thought there was a football wasn't mcdonagh, Sean group. Agreed. I last thing. How is your favorite shown mine undisputed doing these days? I have they gotten the better of bubble. Guppies recently have have not beaten bubble guys. But I will get up one credit in that the the show's viewership continues to go up, and it's usually sitting on good weeks between like, you know, one fifty one in seventy one hundred seventy thousand dollars on a really really good week. You know, posted games in the NFL. They might push it up to like two hundred twenty five hundred forty thousand and you know, again for us one. That's great. But no that is not coming close to the dominance of a of a bubble guppies on Nickelodeon or a pop patrol or PJ masters. Kids cartoons will always continue to slapdown skip Bayless the way, you know, Tom Brady continues to. Be careful. Rams got a big shot coming. Slapped down the critics who think the patriots stuff. Yeah. I know it's going to win the game. But Jody I'm sure you talked about this. It is seriously. The greatest thing for watch. The patriots play the nobody respects us card when literally every person in the universe except partake respects the New England Patriots. You may not like them. But who who are the brain does not respect. Like the greatness about France. All I hate them with a passion and Tom Brady is the best quarterback overplayed and Bill checks coach ever coached. That's disrespect and chalk me up as a disrespect or. Doc. And that's one reason why you gotta follow him on Twitter at Richard E T S C H for his bubble guppies against undisputed scoreboard that he throws out there. All the time. Richard good, stop, always, a pleasure, buddy. We will check in next season. You gotta Jodi thank you for the end by we've got it. Which means we'll talk to him in the spring. We punch Richard up. Once a season comes on like four times a year with me. He does a winter body does a spring spied sometime during the summer, then we get him up before football starts with a false by one of the best Richard Deitz of the Atlantic. These days was calm and his podcasts work as well. Join amac canyon with timeout. We get the phones reopened Tony from port Saint Louis. I always count on Tony port Saint Lucy. Everybody else dropped off the phone which we can get back on now. Eight five five two unto four to seven on CBS portrait. 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