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A little bit of a holding but it was uncatchable niners loses one thirty one to thirty four in an amazing game joe flacco played unbelievable this ray lewis final game jacoby jones had the game of his life who i think should have gotten m._v._p. not joe flacco but that's my opinion and overall this game was just fun like the black after for the blackout was kind kinda boring kind of a blowout then as soon as that happened it was getting exciting all we got a football game now feel and joe flacco becoming this elite quarterback quote unquote who he lost at a leanness the next season arguably and all this he remember that huge contract he got after that game yes he got paid hand monster contract and obviously i think it was not the right call to make because of what happened afterwards he hasn't played the same sense and of course that miracle play against denver to get them to even a chance to go to the super bowl so it was one of those games where it was exciting at the very end it all came down to the final play of the game and that's that's what i love about the super bowl moments the most is when it comes down to the final seconds the final down and if they'd get it there's there's still a minute left but there's no chance in getting the ball back it was all over and i honestly thought if they ran heated a little bootleg fake the fate and ran into the end zone he would escort maybe no no no doubt in my mind cabernet is a big dude he could've ran through some guys i think he would have made it they were very closely in but i i don't know who made the offense a call but i guarantee you he still wakes up at night thinking that was the worst call to possibly make because i hate the the touchdown fades i don't know if it worked there though because the ravens were blitzing on every single down and they're putting off the edge and even in the pump faked i think of worked as well you don't pump fake well no this this was not this was not really i wouldn't say a bootleg this is a dafteng to the play titus aria where you pump fake to the fade because you've already tried it and then you run in because they were like that last play they were hogging the line because they thought it was gonna be a quarterback sneak so running outside of the pocket going looking at like they did they were rushing off the edge to prisoner but bringing the house they're bringing the house but i think cabinet should have maybe kept it we will never know but joe flacco was better quarterback in that game fragrance better team in that game bruins win the super bowl and it was just a very fun game to watch overall the next one i have is super bowl forty two giants pats for you know the reason eighteen one they were this close and i'm putting my very close to a perfect season and you member manny through that kind of led brundige duck and forget who almost picked it off there was a miss interception i don't remember who was a you know home talk you know the play i'm talking about the right the midst interception i barely office fingertips he jumped too early and if he catches that then then that patriots is known as the greatest team ever not just a what if greatest team ever type scenario and then of course the helmet catch by david tyree remember david tyree i do if he wasn't would catch me if eating catch that ball no one would know who was ever again but david harry makes that unbelievable harry helmet catch running harrison covering him like a madman as well and it was just one of those i kinda plays in non just super bowl history i think as well most iconic place in n._f._l. history and it was not the touchdown play to people think some people i talked to was a touchdown there was just a first down yeah just i him and then they did that that slant that that route by birds burn his corner man he was wide open in the end zone which got them to lee they win seventeen fourteen that last drive was the most it was.

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