A new story from Standup Comedy 'Your Host and MC'


That's kind of the best part of the whole stories. Because i i would at that point i was. I got into the food beverage. Industry and i started out as a midnight. Bell in a hotel called the san carlos tilt jalen downtown was built in nineteen. Oh three emmy elevators were hand operated to take you to your floor and let you off if you want to come down. I had that. Did you bring you down. So it was very dow for me. You know 'cause that we watched all those movies it's kid growing up dickey's bellman was so so cool and i did that for a while in the hotel guy like me and eventually you wanna learn to bar. I can't keep barking. I went for this for me. You know bartending kidman at that up there. That's pretty cool job. And nineteen seventy eight. And so i learned the two girls teach me how to ten bar and get pretty united. You know what. I learned that you clay with flames and all that stuff and do a harbor like all these cool classic drinks and not covered. I started getting reputation and a guy from the golden eagle came down to that copper door lounge which is where irish bar and he goes. Hey bartender is gonna leave if we want the job. Wow kidding me. Thirty six stories high. I've only been in the bar for maybe seven or eight months but it was a click. It i mean this bar that i've gone to right across the street. Only thirty six stories high and it's basically the same bryant talent level. Doctors lawyers judges. It was riding downtown. Phoenix i i mean i couldn't even tell you rubbing elbows with but they were suffered and so i get this job. I go to the golden eagle restaurant. I'm wearing a bow tie or shirt a cupboard bunk. I've got the but you should stop it before. I even so true. You have the

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