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We had a, we got LeBron tweeting out young dolph quotes boy. So maybe maybe the Lakers will be good, which one the one always get hit for the first time he was six and I got very uncomfortable as it that line is at the money to that. It's. Classic family, man, James, too. Typical brawny. I've been on since fifteen years old eight, no off switch. All my haters be like, damn. He ain't fell off yet. Pretty good. I mean, I could see how that applies LeBron. Yeah, more or less. There's a page for ham was the bat boy for the as he's on the old Oakland a.'s with hammer on the back of the jersey, forty, four, and the yellow and green fire. That would be if you don't get that, we need to get Dana. I. I. Who. That traders snake. For me, fill with anthrax down. Don't recognize the name. Deign bar. Is that what you're saying? Yeah. Bill. ESPN bottom line Leonard wants to focus on this season. Strong start. Performance reds game few years ago, best concert of been too. The cane because hammers not a young man anymore, and it was still share, isn't with the king was fire. It was like one of the old African handcrafted wooden like walking sticks. He was still doing the hammer dance with it. Is after razz game. I was like, man, can you get these twenty seven outs. Him or micro tiresome leave, please almost midnight. Dance around with a cane like fucking Willie Walker. Also forgot hammers on death row for a minute. So is that the nineties? I mean, who wasn't? Yeah, I. My guess show, but whatever. Guess guess what hammers NetWorth is today? Oh boy, like us. I've seen like a couple of warriors game. He's doing well, let's fifteen male. At one point. Five, which, okay. It's still a lot of money. I'd love to be worth one point, five million dollars. Given n even says, once I reported to be a multi-millionaire, he lost most was wealth when he filed for bankruptcy in ninety six. So that'll do file bankruptcy twenty two years ago still be at one point. Five. I have pretty good. Like the. I guess house was so Dobie like the MC hammer gate, right? Twenty five thirty million. Homer ticket hands made a Homer time..

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