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Get nine more and have like a one in eighteen chance. Yeah. Because I mean, also, I don't want just one kid. But who knows I don't know what age I'm going to be one. I'm going to have kids if I'm even going to have them. This is like a strict backup plan for single divorce. Sheena? I mean, it's a great plan B even for someone who is Mary because I don't know what I'm going to have the first child I feel like it's going to be fairly soon. But if all things go if things go, well like who would have thought that I wanted to and now we have this backup plan. But by then it'll be my late thirties. And you know, it's extremely hard to conceive. So these are only really smart backup plans in place. And I don't feel like I feel like a lot of women. Don't talk about it. And they don't think about it. Yeah. Not at all. I was going through this. There were so many people who were like, I didn't even know freezing. Only eggs was an option like everyone thinks that it's only embryos and I'm like well. No. And I don't have a dude. Vert alive. Yeah. No. So it was something that I wanted to do a few years ago when I was still married. I was going to freeze embryos like thank God, we didn't. I mean, there's some hefty legal paperwork. If you divorce who gets the eggs so few forgotten. I had a huge battle with her ex over their embryos because he still wanted to he wanted to make a child after they were divorced with their frozen embryos. It's great. You imagine can't do it. He wasn't. He didn't succeed. I think the I think they said, no, I think they he tried to fight and say that they were legally his they were like not if she doesn't want. No. Yeah. But I mean, what if what happens if the mother passes way, hey, you know, the fathers left with all these embryos. I mean, you you really it's a lot of paperwork. I know I just with mine. I just said if anything God forbid were to happen to me, my mom or sister can make the decision and I get one. Yeah. Janet, Janet Yellen. Eg I tip eggos there for a lot of the. Process. You were so much more brave. I went to one of her. I went to acupuncture, and a few of those appointments, but I went to one where she actually was getting shots and the great I'm here for moral support. And she's like fine like not flinching at all. And I'm watching the needles and I'm like, oh my God. I'm going to faint. I was like I'm going to faint. Yeah. At I stole the thunder. I was like I like, I know you're being brave and great right now you to hold a lot, and I'm gonna like I need moral support here. It's just like the needles like nothing bothered me. Like the worst thing was the burn off to the Manipur. But I had so many women reaching out to me. I never check my like ninety nine plus requests on Instagram. But during this process, I started to because there were so many women who reached out with like tips for me or questions and whatnot. And this one woman she sent me a link to Amazon it's just like these little ice packs. She goes this. She goes immediately after the Manipur put it on. It'll take the burn away. And it was just like those little things was so helpful that then I was like putting out there on Instagram and telling women like, okay, you know. After this like do this. And I saw I think you were doing the shots wrong. Right. Where you're not switching sides. Well, listen, I went to the I went to the crash course. And I thought it was literally you can only go under your belly button..

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