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The character and they think about what he was referred to job of the hut called him solo gogel garrido guido's called otms solo he looked there was the nick it's like when people jude's do that all the time they use each other's last names like matheson good over here you know what i mean i it fits to me i think it's perfectly arraigned groundless i condemn the men in the minute i heard the the minute i heard the title i didn't think of java the hut going solo so you know what i it is i i didn't darth vader what he was putting them into the pit and empire strikes back to freeze and carbonite easily put captured so low in the right it's so that's what he has an hour we're like putting at olives of like solo cups and dislike yeah stick okay we got to take a break when we come back the outrage continues our how rage already range think you alexis bridge zubia new signalling the outrage it looks john requests that velasco tired horror the outrage over the outrage be right back looking at this super bowl package to grasp roommate's nine thousand eighty five dollars per person oh my word that is highway robbery just put this out there that i would be a really fun day for that.

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