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So let's clear out the rosters, and let's start over again with guys that want to do this so that the rest of us can enjoy it and then we'll set up the hierarchy and we'll set up the rankings and we'll set up a championship so he could be recognized for his achievements, a guy. In a gal because get what I'm saying and let let's start over and then the good old day you used to be able to pressure a guy into it. Right. That was far to fight promotion. I call this guy offered him. He said, no, all of a sudden he'd have to come back. Oh, no, no, you misunderstood me, I'll I'll do it, although it that was the good old that now the fans have letting these guys off the hook. I guess you can say, I don't have enough time. I don't understand that at all at all because you talk to a veteran guys. Go talk to a military person. Just ask them eight a real life situation. Have you ever been over there confronted by the enemy and told him that time out, I need more time. Have you ever done that? I mean, for heaven's sake we're putting guys on scales now. I mean good for us. We're doing it the right way. Come on guy MRs weight by a few pounds, all hell breaks loose. And when I started this sport, I never even saw scale. We did not even weigh in. We were doing it wrong. It's better the way it is now don't get mistaken in my message I'm talking about, but the tough guys still showed. It up the guys that wanted to do. It still showed up. So who in the hell had their phone ring and said, no, that's the real question here. And before anybody pisses on Eubanks and the bullet or or pisses on Dana white or the promotion or and anybody involved in this, you're looking at the wrong way you need. Hey, thank you. Congratulations Eubanks for stepping into a main event at MSG, didn't see that coming. Congratulations to the bullet who's done everything right. Just had her dreams taken from she. She got the main event. She'd got the title fight. She was promised. Congratulations to that. But now let's look a little bit closer whose phone rang it who chickened out because that matters. This is a retail product. You're buying something with the level expectation of a fan, and it's not enough for the people that are selling this to us to just say it's entertainment anymore. No, it's not. It's more than that. You're cutting interviews, those interviews are promises and then as fans are partying time, not only with our time but with our money to purchase it. So you got to tell the truth. So who coward out of the fight so that when I see his neck sales pitch known as an interview, and I hear him talk about how tough he is and how bad he wants it, and always willing to sacrifice and go through anything and just needs an opportunity that I can know who the liar is. I would really, really like to know that and I feel it's my feel it is my business. So Bill made some asthma, your business, and I think that it is. I do think that it is because I haven't seen a fighter come out and give an interview and tell the truth, which is apparently if everything in the world is blowing in my direction, I'll make that walk. And if anything is not, I won't the only guy that I've ever seen tell the truth in a negative way. I have seen some legitimate tough guys. Ben aspirin comes to mind. I have seen some actual tough guys come out, tell it the way it is, but then behind closed doors, they walk the walk. I have seen that. I've never seen anybody aside from George Saint Pierre come out just tell you the truth, which isn't always great for him to fight that guy, but he seems like he's a little bit too big..

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