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Yes animal Arnold was in his early forty feet have play as well but other than that no huge underlying issues he's a musician so he started playing in clubs along by artists who work during an infected area in early March he started getting overwhelmed retired sweeping up or changing the cap litter box and you lost the center now and the people in the throat turning to walk off I would say yes he did the dry cough and and pressure headache the whole thing is that what unlike it would be similar to like a kind of an ache but it felt more like in your whole head just bring that up and and we would you have the biggest project I'm kind of really bad flu were really bad if you didn't know in initially maybe but once the shortness of breath that in for me it was very obvious that this this is different this is something else both he and his girlfriend tested positive but neither one of them big enough to be hospitalized so they got an phone provided out it wasn't the worst illness he's ever fought but you did need help that is is that by do everything you can to try not to catch it obviously but I have a friend or a neighbor or someone in your community I like to kind of make a contract and let you know if you get it all take care of you we get it take care of us and I think we have friends here you can do things like drop my bread and butter paper I think when we were in Iraq really want to cook for ourselves and we actually we ran out of what they earn what then was crucial in getting our cheque injection cleared for the latter part written among it in at the potential but that in and we ran out of both of us breathtaking uniform bottle and I've been able to drop by one point one live home with one KTBS thanks L. A. deputies from the Santa Clara county sheriff's department other first responder agencies holding what they're calling an appreciation event for health workers at Santa Clara valley Medical Center into a line of people in blue applauding those wearing the blue masses they come off shift let's go live to KCBS reporter.

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