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What she's so angry and frustrated in that moment it's like it's that's a I if you haven't seen broad church. She shows a lot of colors in that that that she doesn't get a lot of chance to show in in doctor. Who BUT THIS SEASON. She's been able to let some of those out and Yeah she's great it is. It is a really really good performance and talk about that level of difficulty to to. How do you interpret how you the first woman to interpret this part on TV? And she's She's figured it out like she's she's done. A great job actually is really. I would like to know like because reactions to the previous season were mixed. I would say I mean I had some problems with the writing but I thought she was. Great through your. She wasn't one of my complaints about right. But you know they've they've improved. I think on pretty much all levels the from previous season two this season. I just want to know that said well you know. We should reference more bore previous doctors and things like that. Did somebody have that kind of calculating conversation of will that will you? The question of was a reaction or was this always the plan. Yeah the and that's what we don't know and I suspect we may I say never but I suspect we won't know until some years after chip. Noel has left right the role of show. When if ever feel comfortable talk Reich feel comfortable talking about it but the the question is did he want the show in general to be more like last season you know? Kill the leave the past behind killer if you have to sort of style or any reacted and said okay fine you want law nerds here you go or was this always the plan to go. No I WANNA do this master plan and have the infinity of doctors but to get away with it. I I need to completely break with the past. I mean when when he's being interviewed on stage by one of our friends asking Kelly in ten years or so. I suspect this is the kind of thing that will only ever find out kind of whispered in. It's like the story that we've heard about how And again I think I've said this on a podcast before but it's it's generally known that Steven Moffat was ready to be done and and they were ready to Hire Chris. Chip null and ship no had committed to broad church season three and so they essentially hired. Chris and went back to Stephen Moffatt and said please. We need one more year and he was like all right. And that's why that last year with bill and all that it's it's fun and I like it a lot actually but the previous Christmas episode and all that that was that was supposed to be Stephen Moffatt stepping away and then the end did not let him go. And that's and I imagine it'll be something like that where it'll just kinda come out in dribs and drabs somewhere about like. We'll never really know exactly the truth about it but I do. I'm fascinated to know whether it was this. A course correction was always the plan and if it was a course correction. Why was it made? When was it made but Who cares this was the way whatever I mean I think from the. I think the turning point for me was the dialect episode the resolutions episode. Because I think that was the first the first one that I had no complaints at all about and then since then it's been pretty solid. Well they're coming back because as we saw at the very end credits for this episode dot. The doctor will return in revolution of the DALEKS and that again will be presumably holiday special. They did they did. Shoot it as part of this block and then and they're not going to shoot next season until the fall which means we're looking at a long time Before they come back which is. Don't get me started on that. Their inability to do they want to do ten episodes a year. That's fine but I'd like ten episodes a year not ten episodes and the special every eighteen months which seems to be what they're capable of right now on love that. Don't let that kind of nuts. I didn't know they weren't even shooting until I think so. I don't think they're shooting at the one of the great things that this episode will do. Is it's going to have ripple effects where everybody starts to realize that these assumptions they made about doctor who? Canon now can change We'll see more and more of it as we were sitting here talking. I thought well now. My interpretation of the whole Jon. Pertwee era is that the powers that be a gal afraid decided that they needed the doctor to be an operative again and didn't care that they had promised him that they would you know or her. Promise them that they would wipe their memory and put them back in and let them alone or whatever. They're like no. The doctor was very effective. We'RE GONNA go back there like that color like anything you want to color with these revelations you can do it now which is fun and yes also all of those brain of Morbus images on the screen that were members of the production team or now canonical doctors. So congratulations terrance dicks. Belay terrance dicks. He is the doctor after all and big finish. Get to write an infinite number in filibuster. That's Great I. I loved again so on the nose but I loved that line from the doctrine. This absurd where Jodi yesterday. I've have you ever been limited by who you were before just lights so on the nose but just encapsulates the attitude towards her as the doctor so brilliantly? Joe Martin says that line I think to Jodie whittaker right is no I thought she said it's the master. No I I I think. That's Joe Martin. Jodie whittaker in the Matrix. Have you ever been limited who you were? I don't know you're right. You're right so it's the doctor as Joe Joe Martin's doctor speaking to Jodie whittaker doctor saying you've always been able to be you and that doesn't change because there were more of you than than you thought I was getting. I was getting get mixed up with when Jodie says to master. Yeah you know. It doesn't let me. It makes me more. Yes No. You're absolutely right. And the master is banking on this. Being w live destroyed you write. This information is destroyed. You and she's like no start now. Does actually it's strength and love that so there's a couple of questions so we have whereas the doctor actually from what is the division Which regeneration is roof? And Are we going to see more roof because if if Ruth is pre Hartnell? Dan Jodie whittaker isn't going to regenerate into roof which was one of the theories and also. Where is Jack Harkness? Because like you go in Joan Barone. He did like fifteen minutes. I was expecting a payoff. And that's well I should also. He wouldn't see him the rest of this season and that was accurate. That could be a very legal legally accurate way. Say You won't see him this season. Yeah I do yeah I also have. I'm just going through my mind. Things like Matt Smith being an old man and saying. Oh well I'm not going to regenerate again and then be teaching the time lords to give him extra generations and all that and I'm thinking now they were just there shining on 'cause the doctor can get I assume at this point. What was this series says? Doctor is not a time. Lord and can regenerate infinitely. Yeah so they said they had a little snigger to themselves and said Yeah. Sure you've got another you've got another twelve. Give it a go. I agree with you the questions about whether we're actually see the doctor again. Because if she is pretty hartnell difficult to justify making a series and its spin off blah blah blah. But just the mere fact that she exists in Canon has been on screen and even she only now lives on like the eighth doctor as a Cornucopia of big finish productions. That's still better than not having her. If I ask I had to put money down I would say we will see her again and we will hear much more about the division and the work that the doctor did buddy. We'll see her again as a as a guest in a psychic. Show a multi. Doctor Team up episode. Where you know to ask. Don't do this or whatever and pull in her as anybody. Anybody they want now. Even one of the production crew from brains are mobile. They can come back around. Philip Hinchcliffe can come back in and they can also then they can finally cast hugh grant or whatever and say well. He was one to back actually had to do. Was the whole Tom. Baker's reappearance using an old face. Yes thing line which can tie. It's all Ya yeah. I do think that now the gift that Vegas Waxwork doctor who show runners give to future. Doctor who renters is more open space for them to drop other things if they want to. That's part of their their. Their gift is more empty spaces. That could plausibly be filled with other ret cons in the future. It's great all right. Well I think we've reached the end of this discussion and the season but it was a lot of fun. We are going to do. they'll be a main incomparable series. Wrap episode coming up in a little bit and then the flash cast will return sometime with the revolution of the dialects. Whatever that is they spend. That's what it is. I'm sure it's dollars. Take Spinning classes. Yeah that's right. What if you a time Lord inside a dial? Oh no no but until then Antony Johnston thank you for talking about who is this season. You'll very welcome Jason. Thank you for having me on. This has been. It's been fun to do mainly because this has been overall one of my favorite seasons Tivo sometime. Yeah I I was worried going in but it has been a really fun ride James Thompson as always you for being a part of Dr who talk with me. I'd like to thank you and I'm glad I got to do both hearts of a two point. It's nice and thank you dear listener for being out there and listening to the Doctor. Who FLASH CAST? We appreciate it. It's a lot of fun to do. And it's also a lot because we have to watch the episode right away and we have to talk in.

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