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And people do know each other so animosity each run high and everybody has to be very careful because at the top of all of this activity the people who have the money don't really often really don't know what they're doing they don't know what's taking place and they don't care seems to me often that your point is that the way development is working in reality is often counter to the community yes it's counter or it's in different but it's not part of the community that's by point really when i first went there rich people who were rich people round plenty of him but yeah you didn't have the class feeling as much as you do too i advocate hate to call it class because some of these people are not classy but its money you know napa long for years headway wealthy people you know john daniels a great example that family people came lived in san francisco and came to their socalled ranches on the weekends that such stark fact that goes back more than one hundred years couple hundred years but people felt a connection there was the glue that sort of held everybody together we live in the napa valley you know it goes mrs daniels on that horse doesn't she looked pretty but there was some like we're in this together you know now that's all gone the american agrarian dream is really dead body idea of small family farms and napa was the place where that could have endured if it hadn't gotten out of hand so jason paul mars daughter said to me what i was talking to bed and she said we are no longer nation of small farms were a nation of corporations and she's right and it was sad.

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