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Is a trilogy that is about a cast diverse cast of characters who worked for an espionage organization in the us government. Now a highlight that part of it. Because stacey abrams told seth meyers maybe a year ago or so talking about her books that she writes characters that have jobs that she would have if she wasn't doing. she's currently. So maybe i'm implying stacey. Abrams hurricane spy because she couldn't spell it out anymore. You've got to pin name. You're talking about yeah. I write spike here just because i want to be a spy in another life. Maybe you are a spy. That's amazing that you would say that. Because it really reminds me of the anderson cooper thing where his only job was with the cia and he went to yell and yell. And i'm gonna i have her. Cv handier curriculum vitae. I wanna tell you few highlights which support your theory. Which i had never really thought of before but a minority because i bought a selena montgomery novel awhile back when we were covering stacy's run for governor and the one i got was the preacher's daughter having steamy romance. I don't know. I really could not read it. I just couldn't. It wasn't so bad. I just have no tolerance for just a gratuitous nothingness relationship stuff sacks. I can't. I can't waste my time so reading about other people doing things that aren't plot oriented about stacy abors sitting around imagining. All of these things is what. I'm thinking that it's supposed to be her. Yeah i don't think that. I don't care about that but but i would have really been able to get my mind around a spy one. If it was good enough. I wouldn't care the occasional gratuitous sex scene but during whoa also is it characters. Yeah it's all year. Those were written twenty years ago. She i'll tell you about the new in chess coming out after. Ti can probably tolerate. It's like my example of quiet american. It's pure propaganda and found out later is actually written by six guy but it was so well written that i didn't care you know i don't i don't care nowadays..

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