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Tom's on you or Tom Morello. Chris waldos, a tamale, said does that sound too feminine? Tomiichi. Oh, that's an interesting book. Go the other way. I have the time at the end. Fettuccine Tom freight. That's exactly a lot like that. That's very nice. That would be more of a recipe though. I'm talking about the pie. I want to have my just the pasta. Just the pasta. Or something like that. I don't want more mustache hair on it. I want one named after me. Wouldn't you want one? Looks like your face. Oh. Oh. That's what we're getting for Christmas. Next Christmas. Pasta shaped like me. I can really wait for that one. Can't wait to put you out. Instead of SpaghettiOs, we get Tommy O's. I would hate to receive a phone call from you 15 minutes after the show today. My goodness, do I not want to get that? Hey, can you make a pasta with my face on it for the gang next Christmas? You laugh. You're Amy. Amy or Jasmine. Thank you very much. You'll forget by Christmas until you open it up. What a great idea. Christy Lee is at the bob and Tom news desk if we missed anything. Yeah, we missed the shot customer at an Alabama gas station who found a human penis in the parking lot. I don't understand. It's not a good story. The well, obviously it's not a good story. If there's a lone penis laying in a parking lot. You usually just find the condom. The dismembered member was found shortly after 6 a.m. Monday at a gas station on I ten, the mobile police department says that the shocking discovery is not being investigated as an assault or a murder, apparently this penis was tied probably to the deadly crash of a motorcyclist, that same morning. We're in a helmet, wouldn't help that. Isn't that all? How hard do you have to hit? Why are we talking about it? There's a chance it was like scanned it off. You know what I mean? I mean, even the gas pumps say, put the hose back when you're done, but really. That is just awful. Terrible. Here's at the gas station having a nice day watching Mario Lopez as you fill up and. Laying there on the ground crash penis. A brutal? Yeah. I'm surprised anybody recognized it. I think you know. No, I mean, I think you'd think it was because you're not in contextually thinking of body parts lying in the parking lot. Honey, what does that crow pecking at? Well, it's a good segue we can go from crows to pigeons because we do have pigeons in the news. Yeah. Very good. Yeah, you're in good ways today. I got to find the pigeon story. I wasn't where I was going. Let's see. Here we go. An animal, this is just a sad. An animal welfare organization says a pink pigeon that was all these animals on welfare. A

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