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There may be something you all don't know about charlottesville it just may be the path forward for us to really achieve freedom in this country there's a segment that i'm gonna play for you from democracy now with amy goodman and here she's interviewing charlottesville vicemayor west bellamy who i have to have on this program this fascinating brother molly plan a small snippet of what he said on this program but it is amazing brother we applaud you for your courage and for the work that you're doing in charlottesville and beyond but west bellamy talks about not just the removal of the robert elise statue in charlottesville he also talks about the work he's doing on an equity package in charlottesville yes pay attention an equity package because that right there major key alert listen to this clip westbound me welcome to democracy now can you talk about when your original pushed to have the roberty lee statue taken down and what you ultimately guy that isn't talked about as much which is some kind of some kind of funds for reparations so this all started nearly a year and a half ago in march of last year i received several different phone calls emails there was a petition from us local student here in the area about effort in a push to remove the statue of roberty lee people in charlotte will have been talking about this for some years but just last year there was a new once in a bill that was vetoed at the state house by our governor that essentially said that if you want to move these kind of statues and things of that nature is a local issue so you have the right to be able to do so my colleague and i miss christa seko's we both decided to push really hard who held a press conference in which they were probably about one hundred fifty people who came out.

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