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Hello rob aka professor game how are you doing today very very good how's my audio sounding right now audio sounds very acceptable so thank you for that i can move to my microphone on my test now you sound quite you sound quite good i do have a question though is is this logo that i'm looking at the professor game is also your podcast logo yes and the very cool financial looking at this green logo that's a pair of glasses with like a looks like a little nintendo controller on the left and then what is on the other side the right hand side with circle of colors go the other buttons of the intendo the makes a lot of says there so this is a super nintendo i'm guessing super nintendo cool and then below it is professor game so rob tell me a little bit about yourself and what you do what you have going on they're gonna move into your question well as you said i have a podcast call professor game which is where i'm where i'm starting right now been going on for around six months with a with a weekly podcast what i do is i interview experts and practitioners of game vacation i tried to always take towards education learning because i think that gangs cation has a lot to offer to to that world there's many things that can be profited from that and the idea of this podcast is precisely twin spire teachers professors maybe even entrepeneurship who are thinking of creating educational products.

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