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The most part you may not completely comprehend what's going on because it's all outrageous not i'll go back to um harvey that that he to houston area i was watching one of um and and it was not check four because i i have the greatest respect for every works at defa wbz channel four but as i was watching one of the anchor since in one of the other channels for a moment at talking about what's going on at that point before uh erma happen and you mentioned in the we all know now parts of texas got fifty inches of rain now of he and he gave the point of reference that i i've used well but never win that context it made me think of that the formula here is an inch of rain is a food a snow right so imagine if we got fifty feet of snow over the course of three or four days donald with done just put a closed sign on new england it that's a great way to look at that's that's had not that's let's that that i have neither analogy that would cover a fivestorey building yeah so no matter how good your civil infrastructure is yeah no you're drainage systems and and all of at that point we're all more people casse all you can do is tunnel imagine that imagine fifty feet so that's ridiculous but they got what fifty one inches of rain if it had been snow if it had been cold enough to a been snow and we're never going to get that kind of a storm here because the waters to cold else thankfully the atlantic but a give you some perspective can't wasn't snow it was 51 inches of rain it was still water what is that going to do to everything down there and we've already seeing the effects we're paying higher gas prices are yeah until the refineries down there get going again i think we're gonna see ripple effects to with florida one's even no one's even talking about that impact and florida yet but uh during one of.

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