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But the thing that you hang onto the hate which is important Sunday nine AM Fulham and Oldham athletic Oldham, our tenth and lead to looking to reach the fourth round for the first time since two thousand twelve thirteen when they lost to Everton in the fifth round JJ on Wikipedia, you know, who is identified as an old athletic fan. No, Paul Scoles supporter of old math leading. In fact, skulls actually admitted to wanting their managerial job back in October of two thousand seventeen but lost out to Richie. Wellens I over the weekend, by the way on NBC 'Send, speaking of Paul skulls, I watched like it was basically Gary Neville sitting down with skulls and just looking watching like skulls greatest highlights. I thought it was tremendous. Oh, really enjoyed it. Gary Neville, sucker Bach. It was great. It's so good. Yeah. You know what? When I recommend for you. What's Gary Neville was sitting down with Robbie Keane? Oh, yes done. Oh my God. And some of the goals he scored at Spurs. Good Lord was. Yeah. Like, it's funny. I never thought of Paul skulls is really like a great goal scorer. But oh my God. Did they show the gold against Bradford? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. On the full volley. Oh, don't show is awesome. Nettles great. He really is really really fun on that show. Let's see. And then finally Sunday eleven thirty AM Newport county and Leicester City Newport county or twelve leaked to I don't actually have any kind of fun to bid on them her county. Their Welsh day ourselves day. They fell out of the football league for one to well. They're back. They are back. They are back and they're getting Doug Spurs played their last season. I believe okay. I'll say honestly, I don't remember rooting for Newport higher. You should have been oh red card. Yeah. What do you got its tweet? I'm finicky. I'm catching up with tweets from our listeners, and it's made its way in and it's not you for Jones Asaka pot. I'd love to hear some discussion about the madness. Rounding Italian football right now racism targeted towards Kuta Bali dead. Find another stop all last week. Imagine the scenes if this had happened at an American sporting event, God Syria. So that was. That was not believe an inter are inter-napoli which descended into abuse. From the stans foam inter fans for Napalese Kula Bali and not only coach Carlo Ancelotti said the next time. A member of his team is racially abused. He'd be happy for the series. So I stop playing and. Yeah, it was it was it was pretty awful on. We're asked to comment on this on. It's not being particularly good period for for this kind of incident. Not just initially. There was an incident at the Edinburgh Darby a man has been arrested hips fine for racially abusing a black hearts player. And of course, we had that incident at Chelsea. Recently. So I don't know. I mean, imagine the scenes if this happened at an American sporting events. Does racism in American life. It doesn't have to be at a sporting event. And I think that's the key thing to understand with this. There are certain people, right? No feel extremely emboldened to say these reprehensible things, and I know we're seeing it in the terraces again when we thought it had gone away at no it's never gone away in Italy. It's been a constant problem. I don't know how many times this podcast reports on something from Italy on a regular basis. I don't know what your thoughts are on it. There was a lot of suggestions. The referee should have stopped the game. According to Syria ficials dots. Not within his gift to do that. It's only the police can do that. Because there's a public public safety concern about emptying stadium. Just like that that it could escalate a situation. Yeah. Which I which I could see why they would think that way. I mean, look, I I don't know this is a generational problem. This is an issue that I get solved overnight, it isn't solved in general culture. So why should sports culture, sadly, be any different? Yeah. Yeah. I've always kind of felt that it is incumbent sometimes on other fans to let you know, if somebody is saying something that is offensive, and you know, is not a part of your belief system in any way. But I think fans need to let fans. No, it's not okay. And I've talked about, you know, getting in touch with stadium security, if if stadiums offer text messaging that you.

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