Congresswoman Cheney, Senator Gela, Congresswoman Alexander discussed on Bill Martinez


The. Tactile that was unfamiliar with the concept. The Mr. what are you up to? I have to say I was unfamiliar with it as well. Senator brand does. Congresswoman Cheney are you familiar with the tactile nuclear weapon development program. When I think that ambassador Bolton's respond. Exactly, right. I mean it. I don't know what the tactile piece it is refers to and she's clearly absolutely wrong on the low yield piece. I mean, we absolutely need those. I think it demonstrates Senator Gela ban unfamiliarity with eight eight inch deterrence and about what necessary shorts. At our adversaries recognize that it will never be in their interest. They've got low yield nuclear weapons. I do. And they understand that they can use one or threaten the use of one in a way that we would fail to respond to and it's crucially important that we we did out those, and I absolutely support direction the administration's going in and making sure we have sources available at often put out the ignorance is nuts depite being ignorant ignorant of thermodynamics, I'm ignorant of car repair. But I, but but that'd be stupid. And I just think presidential candidate should not talk about that about which they are ignorant because it always comes off very very, very, very, obviously this, however, this clip from your colleague congresswoman Alexander, you Cortez is not about ignorance, it's about an assessment of Representative Omar's commentary. That is really quite remarkable. Can we play cut thirteen of a OC?.

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