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He's different world but that's also made it hotter the rape scene became that much hotter because i she either with laura laura laura a bit of a red spare or herself was that rapeseed hot yeah hot racy and then what happened was yeah you did of course you hear so would happen was in the movie though a fire alarm went off right after that rape scene so fucking i got blue balls we go out and we have to you know did i tell this did i tell what happened on the show we talk i don't think i don't think we told this it was fucking terrifying can i say before you get into the fascinating thing it's the the movie the actual movie fincher so yeah so we were in the movies in an alarm goes off and we in this is right outside there's a it was life like the antigun control march outside of the move was a huge thing tons cops all these kids protesting we go into the movie theater it's about forty five minutes in and the alarm starts going off and they blast over the loudspeaker they go we have an active emergency situation everyone needs to exit right now shooter and then they go and they go if you're on the seven four please stay on the seventh floor do not leave that one what the fuck is going seven floor no we're on another floor so we gotta bounce but here's what happens day go ahead of me dave and laura and i actually i actually tripped lewis and started this guy on the seventh floor because that was decision may they go listen to seven floors hopeless.

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