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Optima tax relief dot com Two 35 Could there be another round of government stimulus spending on the way because of the ongoing COVID pandemic The Washington Post reports lawmakers from both parties have had some preliminary talks about that possibility right now sources say the focus is on helping businesses such as restaurants and performance venues Maryland democratic senator Ben cardin and Mississippi Republican senator roger wicker have reportedly put together in $68 billion package there's still working on a final proposal There is perhaps some new clarity this afternoon about the CDC's shortened quarantine period for those who've tested positive for COVID CDC director doctor Rochelle Walensky says this after you have finished the 5 day isolation period you should take a COVID test If that test is positive people should stay home for those extra 5 days And if that test is negative people really do need to understand that they must continue to wear their mask for those extra 5 days to complete a ten day isolation period The original isolation period was ten days the CDC shortened it last week The agency has faced pressure over the last week from outside medical experts to include a testing component in its new shortened isolation period Federal health leaders say they are not changing the definition of being fully vaccinated against COVID but they are urging you to stay up to date on virus protection by getting boosters that move to keep the existing definition of fully vaccination for vaccination that is either two doses of vaccines.

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