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This update is brought to you by Financial Engines, Senator Ted Cruz will join President Trump in mcallen today. Crews says Senate Republicans are solid and their support of the president and crews says the Democrats are being unreasonable. They will insist on shutting down the government to prevent even a penny from being used to build a wall and secure the border. That's not a reasonable position. And I think after this launch Senate Republicans have even greater results. Senator John Cornyn will also visit mcallen today with the president TSA agents here in Austin are getting very very nervous about their pay. It's yet another consequence of the ongoing government shutdown Leonard case on with a local chapter of the American federation of government workers tells cave, you it's become pretty obvious to most agents that none of them will get paid this week everybody as a whole is pretty disappointed in the sits in the system. And now he's even questioning how much longer agents will stick. Around to work for free is some of them have already been putting it overtime hours. Tomorrow would be the first paycheck of the year for agent today. Patrick osborne. Newsradio KLBJ a total of eight hundred thousand federal workers face the prospect of no paycheck tomorrow Friday is federal payday, but many workers will not be getting a check asked. If the president has a message for them. He's terrific patriots. A lot of them agreeing with what I'm doing house speaker Nancy Pelosi doesn't buy that. And that's like who who gave us names name names nine of the fifteen cabinet level departments are impacted housing and urban development union chief Holly, Sal Amedo, says HUD, cannot help people in need. There's no one at HUD to call in some cases, people are facing eviction FEMA union president Steve Reeves says those who need to file things like flood claims are out of luck. The American people ask where is FEMA we're furlough saga megani? Washington central Texas regional mobility authority releases its annual. We'll report on current and future projects that report says they're planning to build three new flyovers at.

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