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Tree how how they think they're confiding it to mean like the word that were literally saying russians were in america like the way that trump would make these speeches i don't see you guys vote of energy devoted incidentally the following me in and you know it and this gets his new russians at his rallies fish how do you say tree in russian i only know how to say dad devilish by all right helen you are a little upset yes hi laura i also know how to say uh if he dies he dies out from robin for as we all know the other throttle forearm i've i've ever heard on he days if he is indicted is dated that's named it after siberia to get offering a mountain all right geno i'm looking at the word for treason and russian oh yeah you have that i saw on mm well i already tapachula jan i know you have to go white how dare he needs with dr appointment went on indictment day on muller monday i thought well i say it's a doctor's appointment but again you know i'm getting a daytoday all right but if you said can i pleased to stay most of the hour atmosphere are they tend to be fine we have to break then so you have to go with this is a very sal this is my go before the break uh this is years this is your goma as this has been so amazing this is you know this has been i ca i was so excited was not enough i was like i was going to be now i haven't i come back another either be more indictment yes okay audrey guys and i won't have an appointment that yeah well we see every day because this is uh i'll just as davila glued the chocolate factory jen we'll have to have like a commissioner gordon gin get over here i'm so excitable thank you guys for let me refer you to fill your all great women and and i think they have being ready for this event at all yeah god's appears yes yes yes yes and we follow me on twitter at john kirkman i'm guessing yeah hey come see me this this week i'll be in north carolina atlanta in nashville she's been live at our should march a funny look at our great underlining out indictments that my.

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