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Because I know for Chicago time and it was, you know, I'm here, obviously. I've got a facility. I was championing. This sort of event as a way to, hey, I built a big stadium court. We're ready for the event to host it. Robert got a relationship with hotel. So it was sort of like, you know, my idea and my sort of sleepless night kind of headache heartache, the champion the calls. You've got John there, obviously can go to a lot of cities. How did it end up in Dallas? Was it John going to the ATP? I know it was me and Steve Simon having a lot of conversations. But you know, before the event came to Chicago, it was about three years into making with Steve. Hey, we love an event. We're in the calendar. That kind of thing. And him being like, yeah, let's do it. Let's take our time. Let's see how we can make sure it's successful. So it stays. How did your event come about? We're in New York for three years. And we're getting better and better every year. Things are looking great. So we had a giant stadium. We had 3500 people in our last final in 2020 and two weeks after our event in the world just totally changed with COVID. But on that Sunday, the final somebody said, there's this thing COVID happening. And the whole world changed. But it didn't, we didn't have that intimate feeling. And then when COVID came, the building changed and so the opportunity for us to say, okay, let's go to what we really believe in an intimate atmosphere, a place that's going to be successful. So I actually was going around the country looking for thought. Trying to find one that fit all of those aspirations we had as a company. And I had three great opportunities, three different places. And then I sort of got to thinking in our eyes, I'm about to go and present to our board. She has sports in the same board like here's my recommendation and what we should do. I got an inkling in my head and said, hang on. Let me go back on this other lead I had. So I called up Johnson's agent, Sam Duvall, and he said he and I chatted and then we got John on the phone and John chatted, and then we got grant chin, who is the head tennis coach here at SMU. And two days later, December 17th has grant reminds me of the date. I flew down to Dallas and I met with those with those guys..

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