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The nation's number one team and they get their fifteenth straight victory though it was a nail biter for coach Scott drew I said a quick prayer and it was answered and glad we got the rebound because second half we don't get many of men not really credit the Oklahoma coach progress that they really battle second half the night normally are calling garters were ordered we do a great job on the glass and they took it to us so we giving congrats on the wind and the number one ranking what I really like to know because I see number why and earth would anybody want to be number one yeah I was thinking that when the ball was in the air by the way but it's fun it is it's a great day recognition for not only our players but for fans and everyone that supported us and again we all know in college basketball the parity so there is no dominant team every team is capable winning and this is just another typical might in the big twelve ended most conferences and that's why people of college basketball that's why coaches lose their hair and but anyway I'll sleep okay tonight thank goodness that mystery yeah it's holding up pretty well up top here all right you get some pretty good coverage all we know this is the second time you've been number one it was a couple years ago do you take anything from that experience you can share with us your ball club well I I definitely the first time we're number one I mean that it is the excitement and enthusiasm and probably as a as a coaching staff and and starting with may I probably didn't do a good enough job well prepared our guys for what what the the struggles of what we were going to face just trying to make sure they lock in and it does become a distraction and I think god blessed us we've been not number one twice now within what three years and I think this time we're a lot more focused I really credit the Oklahoma tonight I mean we got to make free throws at the end any team that done make free throws at the end you put yourself in jeopardy to lose like we did but they really battle that I got the utmost respect for Coachella Krueger sixty no one is great ranking is really nice but I know conference championship would be better what would it mean to win that Lee well that's that's the other thing is I think what we're right number one the last time we were really excited about that this time we have bigger goals and we all understand each and every night in the big twelve can be a dry probably one or two position game and but at the end of the day that's we want to finish number one and there's there's a bunch of schools that have that same goal and that's why as coaches every day try to work with our guys because one of us can enjoy a bailar first time they started six in in conference play since nineteen forty eight when they were in the Southwest Conference sports center all night ESPN radio Super Bowl was sad San Francisco Kansas city I mean there are Rogers in the Packers are denied another Super Bowl spot here's a snap to Rogers steps looks deep down the middle going for secondary near the San Francisco six yard line no general WTMJ in Wisconsin after the game Roger saying it's disappointing when you realize that he does have the same number of years ahead of him as he does behind him Rogers saying nobody believes the team's window for chasing a championship is still wide open earlier on get up I think what he was saying there was the risk free found fulfillment and football again I think towards the end of his relationship there with McCarthy I think he McCarthy had something special in Green Bay and I think they kind of got still with each other that can happen after a decade or so relationship in any sort of fashion let alone professional I think what happened this year with a Green Bay Packers they won a lot of games ugly I think they re told that defense I think they're Rogers made plays only had to make plays I think Karen Jones had a heck of a year but for me I think going into the offseason I think what Aaron Rodgers uses in December he said he can see the eighteenth hole we only have a couple years left if they can re tool that can get a couple more weapons I think Aaron is very excited to get back into this thing even though yesterday was a steamroller ran into a buzz saw I think the Packers are in good hands for the next couple years at least I mean that windows closed he only has a year to to try to close the deal because everybody around him is getting better everybody else's had the young cheap quarterback you still have the same is there to have a tough division they have to go through and we have set may have seen the last this may be the better his best last chance to kind of wind because we know that next year's have circles going to come of age even more in all these young guys only get more experience you notice that Seattle still there they're going to get better this may be the last and we've seen a man arrives and sorry to say that windows are always a part of the conversation like we get it he's he's been a part of windows for fifteen years he's been a part of the division for fifteen years everyone is gonna barrier arrives and everyone is gonna say Aaron Rodgers is never going to be back to this and that ask yourself this if you put Aaron Rodgers on the chiefs when you guys want to talk about how good of a very little to do that let me finish with cheese on a taco you talk about how good the chiefs are very Rogers on the chiefs are they probably in the Superbowl this is on San Francisco Art Institute yeah if you they have to draft better which they have drafted one really good skill players since twenty fourteen device Adams Jones trending that way so you got a draft better and they put all their free agent money into defense so as long as you give him some pieces I'll say it again don't don't greatness because your Rogers is the same guy we had the conversation about twelve years ago is one of the greatest of all time and also when you take talented people inconsistency verse in capability all right I got to reshape bowl falling Akers were certainly dominated on Sunday in fact they saw two lopsided games against the Niners this season they lost by twenty nine in November and by seventeen on Sunday you can make a case that neither final score was indicative of the game itself it's Tuesday January twenty first birthday of Gina Davis Bobby Hansen from a league of their own is now sixty four gold can we go next I'm Jim Ronald back tomorrow is for general.

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