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And a half inch vertical? Leap and he's two hundred twenty pounds and six four, and he doesn't have those hands issues at all he tracks the ball extremely well. He's good after the catch he strong. He runs to riff routes breaks back to the ball. Extremely well. So you can rely on him variety of ways. It wasn't talked about a lot. Because didn't have a great quarterback. And people wondered if he was truly that faster. Not. But you can see it on tape matches up as what you see. And then then another guy could be. Multiple is AJ Brown. Who's certainly, you know, more of a slot player. And I don't think the giants will go after him, but he can win the catch point. And you could probably put him at flanker because he's very good after the catch. But I think they need more of a split in than that guy beings. If you're gonna look for split ended this class decay Metcalfe's that guy decay Metcalf. You know, he doesn't have great bend with the way he drops his weight in his routes in and out of his brakes of and I worried that tighter coverage will Biggs Asir bait. That issue where now defensive backs in the SEC all over college are just scared out of their minds about getting beat deep by him. So they'd get a lot of cushion. But the same thing goes with him as I think he's so physical it the way he uses his hands. He so violent with his head that he can create runways just doing that. And and then he gets up to that fourthly speed that he has and he's off to tackle any can win the ball all the catch boring. He has occasional technique issues with. His catching and he also drops passes, but again technique is fixable. Just a matter of understanding when he needs to put his hands up high for certain types of throws as opposed to using a lower hands technique. So he's a little more. He's a little less refined than Butler boykin Brown of. But his physicality at high would use him as a split in. That's all you wanna use them for. It's like going to the hardware store and saying you want a hammer, and you're not gonna get all caught up whether or not the hammer concern into a wrench. He's a hammer. And he's a guy is gonna get downfield. Just have the deep the zones of of defense. So the one name that you mentioned that surprised me a little bit as we were talking about that particular point in the draft was was miles boykin. Do you really think that he would be in the conversation that early in the draft or or is he a guy that that would come a little bit later on? I think he's fog end up in the second round. He shouldn't be. But I'm just looking at highlight, great guys. So to me he's that good. He he should be the conversations while the top three or four receivers in this class of. But most likely he will probably fall to the second round in this in this class will be of quiet thing, we got remember that, you know, past examples, we've talked about players, we think are gonna be first or second guys and in the past. We didn't think Paul Richardson would be a second route guy for the Seahawks. When Dante Pettis would be a second round guy for the forty Niners last year. So I'm kind of open to that because I'm debt at this was my first ranked guy last year on the board just ahead of Ridley DJ more and Don strategy see that petty started. Flash solo skills. Once it got LV. So yeah, I don't know what boy can will be someone that they might account and said we can probably get him maybe in the second round. And if they do that will be quite a bargain. And as you said, you know, at the top when we started to discuss this teams have such a wide variety of of grades in any opinions on wide receivers that you know, that you never know, you know, how some of these guys are going to fall, you know..

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