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Can guard number 77 that former NBA player Isiah Thomas. He's a Dodgers fan telling the Clippers what I guess they already know. Doesn't matter who you have guarding dotted. He's gonna beat you one on one or get the ball to one of his teammates who could beat you. The only thing I know is this one. You're gonna have to probably take a nap like I will later today because they don't Step off until 9 30 late tonight. Also playing outside of California. The Rangers are in Anaheim to take on the Angels and with the Tokyo Olympics scheduled to start on July, 23rd. The U. S. State Department is warning Americans against traveling to Japan. A medic over 19 spike, just 1.9% of their population is fully vaccinated against Cove in 19 as of yesterday. Well behind other developed nations. As Japan struggles with the supply and organizational problems. Only 1.9% of Japan has been Not in the vaccine that you look at sports from Steve Land coming up at night. It's d fw's liberty loving Latino. Krystle Saito. Now the morning use with Al J and Brian Estrich on news, talk a 20 w b a p w via dot com They don't neither. W B A B coming up here at 8 15. How Governor Abbott is ready to sign a bill that's gonna prevent cities. From doing just this. We'll get into that here and 8 15 couple, other notes, so we need to bring up Texas lawmakers. Also, how are debating on how they want it want to extend Medicaid help? For new mothers. This debate continues. And there's a bill before the Legislature. There was originally pictures a one year extension. And they say that it could really help mothers with conditions like postpartum depression or health complications and things of that nature. But there's some concern about how to fund this and how long this could last. You know, One year extension is what does that do for you, You know? Well, you talk this Medicaid help, which is Government free money for Medicaid or these women doing getting pregnant. That's that's what first thing I wanna know is why are you getting pregnant? If you can't afford it and can't do it like it should be done. You know? Can anybody answer that question? Where does it end? Don't get pregnant. That's the number one thing. Don't get pregnant. Got weak. This is a six month extension in the Senate's version, They say it's stingier than the overall proposal. That came out of the house that would give him a full year of postpartum coverage in line with recommendations from experts. And so they're worried that right now you get You get a year's worth of postpartum help, all right? The Senate is saying, Let's go. Let's do six months. And the experts are saying what that doesn't do you any good? We're talking about a $49 million cost to the state once it's fully ramped up. Was holding my new grandson Harry Yesterday. He's eight weeks old. Seven weeks old now. Look at Harry. Seven week old baby, You look at any seven week old baby. You wanna help shows that the baby hasn't done anything wrong? No. So if you're asking me does Medicaid do we need that kept? Can't say no, We don't help babies. I'm sorry. I just know I'm going to get e mails going. But how? That's yes, you're right. But I can't say no to a baby on helping them right. But I can wonder what in the world People doing getting pregnant. Are they getting high and getting drunk and partying and then going out BATF lacking in the flat back in it all over the state of Texas? What are they doing? I mean, I think that would be a really broad brush your painting with their you know. I mean, how e mean Let's face it sometimes how this is just young women in love. You know, in new relationships, and they're not able to make you know. Maybe they're starting out. Maybe there. Whatever you know, they got married young they don't they have to minimum wage jobs. Don't get pregnant. Don't do it. If you know That's final. That's fine and good and probably true, and they're down on their luck. They're looking for that break in life they need Don't get pregnant. So what do you tell them? Do you say you? You're too poor? You can't have a kid. Sure Say that. You can't You can't will let you see that too. I'll be glad to say it to him. You can't handle a kid right now. Don't have it. Now. Wait for a year to when you're on your feet. Things looking better. And you have you know? Yeah. I didn't have a kid. What's wrong with saying that somebody Well, I think for some of these folks, it is a pattern. How that they can't get out of They're going to be poor, You know, for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, so So do we. Just Continue to pay him to be poor. I don't. Okay. If they're gonna be pour the rest of their lives. That's fine. You know if that's the decision they've made Was, you know, and I struggled for a long time not saying we were poor. We never work poor because we had each other and we had We had Mexican TV dinners, okay? So I'm just But, you know, I knew when they When I first got married, we couldn't afford it, Kid. Right. We could weaken. We could have a kid. There's no way we could afford it. Have any of the policies that LBJ signed and his great society of they've been reversed or eliminated. No, you don't. You don't usually see him sunset it that's for sure. Because I remember that. Remember that one of them, Woz, it was more Mom. Was it financially advantageous for a woman to get rid of her husband? And have kids because she got more money. The more kids she got. Now, This may not be the reason that that so many young girls poor girls getting pregnant but starting back in 68 coming all the way forward now to 2016 or 2021. There's a pattern that sort of will filter into somebody's makeup. Now wonder if that pattern has anything to do still a soldier in the war on poverty, Aziz, the song says. I don't know. Yeah, if I you know, I know I will tell you this for woman comes up to me and Tom thumb holding a seven week old baby. It says I gotta feed it Although you ever a $20 bill right there, right there. You're not the state. No, I'm not. But I still don't want to see a baby. Suffer. Yeah, Traffic.

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