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And welcome my friends who yet another episode of the mind dog tv. Podcast i'm matt napa. Thanks for coming in. It's great to have you here as always. That's adam lippi over there. They're beautiful lovely and talented adam. Libyan tonight is the last wednesday of the month which means it's movie night and tonight we will be looking at two films Drive and universal soldier. Four blah blah blah blah blah is the title of that one. I believe Blah blah blah blah is correct universal soldier day of reckoning. Okay my my take on on the movies. And i'll i'll start off on a great note here I think i could've watched ford fairlane three times in time. It took me to watch both of these movies and enjoyed a lot more. In that amount of time you would have watched no good movies. So you have that product Chew but i. I would have enjoyed mentally so i guess. Maybe this is mostly solo show. But i'll i'll engage you as i go along for the ride. I didn't enjoy aspects of both movies. And there were they will moments of each way is to chuckled in wherever there was slight bits of humor most more so in drives in university. There's more humor and drive I like that and the other one had And i'll just say this right from the start had a at times video. Ask a video game at about universal especially some of the scenes that made it feel almost like it was relation of video game simulation or or One of one of the games you watch somebody on twitch right now and we're onto it but somebody's unplanned some violent game. That looks a lot like that. I had see the video game angle. And i'm going to get into a little bit of that that later tonight. We're covering dry from nine hundred ninety seven not the two thousand eleven version with ryan gosling. This is an art nineteen ninety-seven with mark to casco's and condemn artisan It is being released on blu ray for the first time in the uncut version. A couple of weeks from mgd entertainment. And it's a never released uncut in the us The clips i sent matt. Come from my pal. Dvd that i bought twenty years ago in england and when it came out in america It was cut and by about twenty minutes and re scored and cropped and dump to hbo. And so what. I want to talk about tonight. Are two movies that i think should have caused these The stars of the film scott adkins and mark casco's scott atkins university directly to become like big action stars. Because they're both great athletes. Charming good-looking charisma. You know all the things that would be necessary and it never happened for them for various reasons And i wanted to get into why that is. What's that why we want the you brought it up. Well that's yeah that's serious now. Sure sure so. I think to understand that you have to break down the development of martial arts in america. Obviously this very long. If i went into asian films because there covered in it so i just wanted to an even longer if i like broke down. Which martial arts we're talking about because are so many different kinds but i just wanted to you know but let's start with like prep just a co-opting of culture. The most notable early example is a james cagney movie from nineteen forty-five called blood on the sun. A see what happened. Is james cagney. Brother had read about a doja. Being run by policemen. so he hired the policemen who who retired from the force name. Was jack seargl to teach him. Judo play the villain in the movie in in yellow face. Who fights him in the in the Conclusion of the film. Now i note taking is in yellow face. You know makes this racist buffalo at the time the all the japanese were in interment camps. And this guy trained with them while they were in interment camps and got investigated by the police himself while he was still a cop and that's why he retired and took a him and just became this different guy for the remainder of his career stunts. And all that stuff. So i will give him a pass on being in the elevators because there's a fascinating. Npr story about this guy grab About how he was still training with some of the japanese who were still in internment camps at the time and how they tried to make it look like he was collaborating in some sort so the end of the time there were no japanese people in america who are allowed to run doj. Oh so there weren't a lot of here. So james cagney brother brought him brought to him and so if.

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