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Word for it. Somebody says that you know at my inauguration. There are this number of people there. You've got to check to see if that's true or not and so there. There are certain things that you check for and historians have web checking ancient stuff just as we have ways of checking modern stuff. If you check this historic last richmond. They're very reasons for thinking. Jesus didn't tell the story for one thing. of course. it has a different view of apple iphone. One jesus had that you can't zach. That's the question your argument of circle but there are other things about it. It's all found only luke so there's no one else who tells the story that we know of. And so how do you know. Like inlets verified survey. You just got into the. I'll just cut to the chase because this is going onto one reason for early night. It wasn't wasn't a story. Jesus told is because the story presupposes that a man has already been raised from the dead. The end of the story is if they don't believe moses in the province they won't believe even if a man is raised from the dead that means that the reader the christian reader these are christian agreements are gonna say. Yeah that's right boy. They didn't believe what america got raised on the devil. You got that one right. Yeah well that's because. The storyteller knows that jesus from the dead and is jewish listeners. Most of them are not accepting and so it has marks of being later composition. It also by the way does go inside with luke's understanding of the afterlife. The author of luke his understand the live is different from the understanding. Put that jesus himself apparently had and so they're all of these reasons for the doesn't go back to the historical jesus. This brings up an interesting. Another tangential thought i was wondering about. So when you consider what purpose the gospels were supposed to serve as written documents. Did they serve an originally were. They intended by their authors to have an apologetic purpose like pre as preaching documents to outsiders or do you think of them primarily as things that were ridden four christians who were already convinced to be read and to i don't know further edified them in their faith this is something that's been debated over the years although it's debated too much anymore just about everybody who is an expert on the stuff things. These books were not used for evangelistic purposes. You know this is not the sort of thing like he you enhance hand the gospel of matthew. To somebody say here read this so you can become a christian. Then take a look at you kidding me. No read this get outta here and so So there are all sorts of hints within the books themselves that they're written by christians and four christians to promote christian face having said that One of the secondary uses of these books would surely have been to tell christians what to tell others when they were trying to convert them and so the books themselves would not be tools of conversion or evangelists tools but they would be informing christians of information that they could give to others and one of the reasons that christians needed have some damnation is because they were being opposed in the roman world Most people thought they were nice and christians as no. We're not it's actually we. We have the truth. And i'm i'm going to explain why we have the truth. Will you need you need to have some kind of things to tell people. To show you got the truth of all the four gospels luke. The one we're talking about gives most evidence of having this function of trying to convince outsiders that christianity is a good thing and that it's harmless thing. It's interesting you know. One of the problems of christians had in the early roman empire was that the guy they worship was crucified for crimes against the state he was. He was a state criminal who was executed for it. And so like if that's the guy you're following Now that doesn't look too good in the is that the law and so they had to explain. Well actually. yeah but you know. Pilot didn't wanna do it and the romans were actually jesus. I is damned jews. It made us do it. And so so. They're putting the fault on jews and exonerated romans to show that we're not a threat to roman society and luke does that more than any of the others. That doesn't luke. Also repeatedly mentioned the fact that jesus was innocent. Lick it uses the word innocent. yeah so when. He's on trial before pontius pilot. Luke luke stresses three three times pilot actually declares. Jesus he's innocent. He doesn't deserve this as the jewish leaders force him to cruise vibe and then when he's being crucified in luke scott only loose now. So you have the centurion. His crucified him and in mark's gospel the century and looks up at him and he realizes that. Oh my god. What would we truly. This man was the son of god. But in luke's gospel the same guy's looks at him and then he said he says this man was innocent and so is the son of god. He's in yeah. Yeah but the point is luke is emphasizing. He was innocent and and so. It's not you know everybody. All the romans is is the jewish people didn't recognize so you're mentioning several different strains of thought that are developing after the life of jesus you think the the consensus of biblical scholars today would be jesus. The real historical. Jesus was some type of apocalyptic. Prophet he was preaching the imminent return of god. Who would destroy the enemies of israel. And bring about this kingdom on earth but obviously that changed you talk in the book. About a process of de apocalyptic sizing the christian faith over the following centuries. Can you in brief terms. What does that process. Look like. what what motivates. And how does it happen. Let me live prefaces. By saying you're the first person who's interviewed new could say the apocalypse is students nuts. Talking about the d- apocalyptic cessation of the tradition. So so d- apocalypse is. So if jesus has this apocalyptic view that the clips is coming. And the god's going to wipe out things and it's going to make everything right. The reason one one of the functions of that kind of religious discourse that kind of apocalyptic language was to encourage people who were in the midst of suffering. Because you're telling him look yes. You are suffering. God is on. Your side is these powers of evil. That are lied up against us. But god's on your side and the point of this is that god is soon going to intervene and take out these forces of evil so if you just hold on for a little while it'll be okay. That's why the book of revelation says no he's coming soon and why the apostle paul says need to be alert. Because it's coming soon. It's going to be like a thief in the night and you know if you're not awake you're gonna be rob and so you need to be alert. And why jesus himself said. Truly i tell you. This generation will not pass away before all these things take place. Jesus predicted that his own disciples would see it. And that's the nature of this kind of apocalyptic language and still is by the way people today who believe in the left behind series or who think jesus is coming back then in invariably. Thank you know it's going to be in my lifetime. You know maybe next time sometime next thursday. I don't it's going to be pretty and so that's that's all part of the part of it in early. Christianity there is a very firm belief is going to come back right. It's going to happen right.

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