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It's like a year younger and nine Nine or ten. or ten years older who talks about how great these different accident says she takes parabens. Fifty seven forty. No. I just started taking Jim termi onto these like mushrooms. Let's. That's true. That's true. That's not one of our. Sidetracked. What they say in what Jim says different. Mushrooms today self I'm not a superhero by the end of the week. I'm going to be Jewish rooms. What has taken shrew? For us. There was this kind of a. What's the name of the company? Stig matic. Stick force Matic. They have a coffee like a macho copy that has some mushroom stuff in it. That's supposed to help with lion's mane. Lion's mane is kind of mushroom. Has no or like doing inside trafficking of animals. That. Taking the only do need any help being super weird with that. No, I wouldn't do anything. Honestly, I was just doing what I'm doing. She's down the rabbit hole. I wasn't going to do the lion's mane thing because I don't need to peers real lion's mane just before we have. The mushroom. Come clear about what we're talking about these understand. I've actually never heard of. Before four Stig Matic is like sigma..

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