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I don't mean just stocking up on some Bloody Mary mix for Saturday morning. Komo's therapy John's checking out how people are getting ready shovels and salt or flying off sells the as hardware and Seattle maple leaf neighborhood. They sold out of both of those items in just forty five minutes after getting restock emergency management crew. Also recommend he should put together an emergency kit with warm clothes blankets radio flashlight, you need water and some non perishable food and we've been talking to folks this morning who were getting ready to be snowbound at home. We'll get some extra groceries. Make sure we have everything we need milk sugar bread. Cat food dog food. Got lots of that. I'm already did that one this last storm a reminder for parents talk to your kids about the danger of thin ice. Now, they may be freezing over but our local lakes. They never free solid enough for people or even pets to walk on it. That's komo's turns on reporting and just tweeted a couple of moments ago from the Washington state emergency management department, even if you don't use all of the supplies. You're getting to stock up for this storm. You can add it to your emergency kit for a bigger emergency. Like if an earthquake comes you want to have two weeks worth of supplies. A woman was stabbed to death near Northgate this morning and police have shot and killed the suspect. Komo's Denise Whitaker reports from the scene near one hundred fifth and north midvale in Seattle. It was a very large responsibility big seen right away. Right after three thirty this morning. But we also learned is that there were two children here. Police officers did remove those two children. They were apparently unharmed. They were taken away in police cars and two adults also removed safely from the apartment where it all happened. It's still very much under investigation. The superintendent of public instruction says state lawmakers need to eliminate the supermajority needed to pass school bonds as komo's Eric Heintz. Reports Chris reykdal says it's time for them to put a constitutional amendment on.

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