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They know. They know. Good lord. Anyway, let's go to the rodeo. Big D just won rodeo in action under the PRCA and that'd be the Ellensburg rodeo just on the way tonight. Ellensburg, Washington at the Ellensburg rodeo arena. A lot of creativity there. So we got Steer Roping second round. Taylor Santos in 11 seconds flat picked up $1,110 and that's all I got on that rodeo but I'm giving you a rodeo tonight. Hey, big upset in tennis today. US Open action earlier tonight. Dominic Stricker upset world number seven. Stefano Tsitsispas who's been up there, won a few tournaments, 7-5, 6-7, 6-7, 7-6, 6-3. What a match and quite a big upset. Not an upset for the great Novak Djokovic, ranked number two. He took care of business over Zapata Morales, 6-4, 6-1, 6-1 earlier today. And the young ladies, Coco Gauff moves on. She beat Andreeva earlier today, 6-3, 6-2 and Igor Shvitek taking care of business. She's the world number one. She won 6-3, 6-4 over De Seville. So a little baseball scores, Mets and Rangers tied at five, top of the ninth, bottom five, Pirates lead the Royals 3-1. Braves over the Rockies 1-0, bottom three. Finals from earlier today. A lot of finals. Angels over the Phillies 10-8. White Sox over the Orioles 10-5. The Guardians defeated the Twins in 10, 5-2. Cardinals 5-4 over the Padres. Cubs beat the Brewers 3-2. Blue Jays 7-0 over the Nationals. The Reds won today, 4-1 over the Giants out in Frisco. Early game there. Astros 7-4 over the Reds, Red Sox. Mariners 5-4 over the A's. Yankees, two in a row, beat the Tigers 6-2. Rays beat the Marlins 3-0, final in 10. And Diamondbacks and Dodgers coming up at 10-10. Boy, it must have been a real matinee day in baseball. Just get over to his story, Big D. Well, NBA ends social media investigation as ref Eric Lewis retires. ESPN News reporting. NBA referee Eric Lewis is retiring effective immediately, so the league is ending its investigation into his social media activity. We ran this story a little earlier in the year. Before the finals, some now deleted tweets were revealed by a pair of then Twitter users that appeared to show a referee defending himself and other officials against critiques of their work. The league opened an investigation into whether Lewis violated NBA rules by speaking about officiating in an unauthorized manner.

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