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Eyes deserve the best for the doctors doctors at ophthalmology associates talking Chris ruby sent you go to your eye doctor dot com traffic time on can't once it's four fifty in the Michael's flowing out of dot com traffic center what you see right now Roger also federally mark you spent two seventy north county system back on McDonnell through Limburg finally about what you normally expect but I have been bad I've to allow that's just normally happy there obviously north on one seventy from startup to him little slow but you're on the break south on one seventy from Delmar down to sixty four westbound highway seventy heavy stuff in pockets I guess we'll call it from two seven out about some buy one from us seventy nine out toward Brian road or at least through cable forums of three sixty four is just for cross the veterans bridge right now southbound two seventy approaching all of in pockets down your door the ferry north bound around a big band is a bit of a back up looks like a maybe an incident there but south of there things are moving while on my spend sixty four boil I threw Clayton skaters on the brakes both directions around us baby bells little heavy and central scanning is a slowdown from K. midway to wing haven and heavy again at three sixty four he's about to keep on the brakes McKnight their Hanley west by forty four you're on the brakes jam from Jefferson looks like we have an accident between grand in kings highway south of fifty five not bad out of the city but again south of them down in the Festus highway sixty seven if either slow or stop and go east on sixty four Jefferson eastbound seventy approaching Salisbury nickel all the way across the middle letters bridge to the US sixty four interchange next updated for fifty nine for the Michael flooring outlook dot com traffic center and our game day forecast sponsored by your local Kerrier dealers find your neighborhood dealer a carrier dot com slash residential cardinals game day forecast in Milwaukee to make clothes the roof good chance for some showers.

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