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R. A.. this stands for the Waterloo bay Blanco river authority and they say that the planned the watering of for recreational lakes do today just for the aging infrastructure will begin this month's bad not without opposition yeah Charlie the people who live on those lakes and there's a lot of them and they are angry at that is an understatement they're in the process Charlie of raising one million dollars and they plan on legal action and they plan on exerting political pressure on the G. B. R. A. to try to stop the de watering of the four lakes you'll recall we talked earlier about how we had a disaster on like what back in twenty sixteen and earlier this year a dam failure on like Dunlap has cause catastrophic damage to both of those lakes so in response the G. B. R. A. says it's it was different problems that hit both of those damn so it is like we can tell our engineers go out and fix acts and everything will be okay those dams were built in the late twenties and early thirties as hydro electric projects they have generated a lot of electricity since the seventies and that now they say they're just at the end of their useful life and the only thing they can do is it another they're all are well in Friday's they could be water the lakes which means essentially they will drain them so they don't longer exist and and that will give five engineers an opportunity to go out and fix the dams but the friends of like McWeeny says that's not gonna happen it's not over until they say it's over their point is that the entire value of the homes are those lakes not to mention the entire value of the many businesses that make their living from fishing bait and tackle places tourism places all along the the string of lakes they're going to be if not completely ruined their entire life savings will be lost because the entire property value is based on the fact that they're lake front property and if they're no longer lake front property the friends of like the Queenie say a five hundred million dollars in taxable value will be taken out of the system and they say could you imagine. that's going to do to the schools can you imagine what that's going to do to law enforcement not being able to have the funding that they rely on in order to do their job and they say completely draining the lakes is unconstitutional that is a rash decision state representative John Syria has already spoken out in a letter to the G. B. R. A. he says I requested updated inspections be conducted on the dams at also west of they closed the likes to any and all access to ensure the public safety instead of draining the last four lakes representatives theory a says it will take decades to repair the damage to wildlife to endangered species to the entire environment that exists along those lakes if those lakes are drain for several years which were done B. as long as it would take to to L. explore the dams they've already had one very very contentious G. B. R. a meeting in which the board members got an earful of from the property owners as you can expect that most people hold is their biggest investment and if the value of your home is based like ninety five percent of the fact that this lake front property and the light goes away that will ruin those families they will have lost their entire life savings and you can bet they're not going to give up without a fight so the first leg is expected to be drained as of September fifteenth but not if the friends of like McWeeny have anything at all to say about it they're promising legal action to stop it well I'm glad I'm not in the in the position of the residents there but let me ask this question if. if you lose some property it if they're corrected the dams could break by aspen whatever. and you lose some property value by draining or de watering the lakes if those like stayed the full and you have structural damage not only do you lose property value or the possibility of losing property value you lose property yeah and you could lose your life exactly how does the DB are a would be legally responsible for that so they're really between a rock and a hard place. a legal battle from the homeowners who risked losing what they work for their entire lives and in some cases inherited property that has come down from parents and grandparents that's but their legacy but on the other hand they're looking at the very real possibility that I mean these dams are not in good shape there all right a hundred years old yeah and if something goes wrong they could be responsible for whatever catastrophic damage or loss of life is a Kurd so it's a very difficult position that they find themselves at right now and it'll be interesting to see how this legal action works out all right Jim thank.

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