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Horse racing radio dot net. That's a star studded lineup. Now well anytime. Jude veld's involved. It's a star studded lineup. But you're right. It is and i'll tell you what when there's good racing out there. It kind of lens toward their being star studded lineup. Yep that's what happened. The the big names the big guns come crawling come crawling out of woodwork crawling out. All right let's head back up to woodbine. Let's wrap this Abo- on his baby race number seven. It would mind Rate three vigil six furlongs on the all weather super stonehenge. Jacques cartier degree three last time over one. Only pink. pink. Floyd is back nine year old yelling. Twenty six for thirty three in his life. They all come over. The all weather would mind reading. Like go makes his first start trainer. Michael doyle shipping north embolden off. The claim gonna try the all weather for the first time it's so hard to handicap these races and not pick pink floyd but i got a bad feeling volley. I think maybe Maybe follow time has finally caught up. He's on the other side of the mountain. Is what we're saying with pink. Loyd i would think so. I think it's possible. I picked super stonehenge against him last time. In the cartier. I'm gonna pick superstorm hedge against him and everyone else in the vigil once again on sunday He's just been great in his seven tries on the synthetic surface at woodbine. Three wins three. Second place finishes. He drubbed pink. Lloyd and everyone else last time stalking the pace winning going away that he's going to get the same type of trip maybe stalking. Not so quiet. Even green light go can show speed. I think super stonehenge sits right behind for patrick husbands. He pushes the button at the quarter pole. And they're gone. It sounds so easy. Trevor as trevor denman would say. Put your binoculars down. Gobi first in line to collect wow. Ibm you'll different. I think it's going to be a little different tomorrow on sunday. I no I'm going to assume somebody is going to press. Superstar superstar estimate the lead onset on sunday. Think that's the problem. I don't see the target. You don't think go. I don't see the target no. I don't think that's quiets fast enough to go. I think superstar engines fasten them. So that's the problem. Which is why. I'm going to go back to the pink. Lloyd one more time. I'm given pink. Lloyd one more chance hopefully needed to knock the rust off last time. Didn't have the cleanest trip. I'm going to try and one more time hoping that he's able to exploit the fact that superstorm hand. You may have to do all the dirty work on sunday. So in the vigil. I'm taking the good old boy. pink lloyd. one more time goes race number. Seventy eight is the oaks mile and an eighth much. Better chance of getting a queen's plate runaround of this than you out of that The trial i'll tell you that and this is for the phillies It's only at the mile and this also goes with the mile and an eighth. I should say so a nice way to prep for that mile. And a quarter of the queen's plate Is a good race. Yeah and these phillies are every bit as talented as as the colts geldings in the plate trial earlier if not more so I don't know what price is going to be in this race is head scratcher for me. I went to number three. Miss marie for Rita hayes and david moran. She's been basically thirty. Two one in both of her career start so they didn't think that the betters didn't think much of her. Maybe it's the fact that the connections are not high profile connections there and don't run a lotta horses miss. Marie debuted at six furlongs. She did nothing. She came back at a mile and a sixteenth not expected to do anything and she flew home late to get up in the final jump or two. I think that effort is good enough to win this race on sunday. Maybe she'll be even better just third starter career second time going long. I know that she's not going to be twenty nine to one like she was last time and she's also come back to work fast since that race. So maybe maybe they figured something out with the daughter of carpet diem. I don't know if i i was impressed with the way. She searched that home in that last race. And i think she'll have no problem going the mylan. Let's see miss. Marie can beat winners. Actually pulled pager jude. All-star studies like take the millions against the The winter's the big fat that so. I thought this. Marie could win off the mayor race. No question.

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