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And route a fifth year senior transfer from Hough why he agrees along well you know whatever happens on the field I practice that day or whatever I mean we're both just normal field yeah we we play cards all the time he's trying to get me to go with him to go fishing and stuff like that so we have a really strong relationship and hopefully that will continue the cowboys open the season on Friday August thirtieth at Oregon state under bordello gallery had surgery to remove his appendix over the weekend he fell ill at Italy's training camp for its national team as they get ready for the World Cup Gallo should be back on the court in a few days some highlights from the NBA regular season schedule leaking out according to reports around the league the thunder for the first time in a decade will not be playing on Christmas day Russell Westbrook and the Houston Rockets will be visiting the peak on January ninth and pull George and the clippers will be here on March third the thunder really studio with guard J. goerges Alexander showing him traveling around Oklahoma City here's a portion of what SGA had to say about his new home amazing opportunity blessed to have learned a lot who was the first was a new fans are crazy every time we play there it was packed sold out does it was it was crazy it'll be fun to be on he's likely the thunders point guard of the future you can also play shooting guard and small forward and some match up the comedy Dodgers with all went out west late last night here's Alex Friedmann understood when in Las Vegas last night similar cynics again they went by as many as five in hand to hold off a late charge by the aviators to hang on for the one run win the others opened the scoring with a four run top of the third inning Austin bar to the night's game on the night two hits and three RBIs including its third Homer in as many games others will finish their series in Las Vegas tonight the first pitch in nine oh five central on all the action on thirteen forty two game at the PJ's Wyndham championship former always used are Victor hobbling play great but not quite right and up he was nineteen under for the tournament ever a sixty five yesterday but finished fourth he needed either win or tie per second to qualify for his tour card so he'll move over to the Korn ferry to work to try for it their math you will finish tied for fourteenth after shooting at sixty seven and he also will make it.

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