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Of the hopi tribe in northeastern arizona have ordered a reduction in the number of cattle grazing on the reservation as arizona. Public radio's ryan hinds reports. It's the first phase in a larger attempt to conserve water resources as the area continues to grapple with severe drought. The order was issued by hokey chairman. Timothy navan yama vice-chairman clark. Ten conga it mandates cutbacks in cattle by thirty to one hundred percent on some units of the reservation tribal range managers. Say there are about twenty two hundred head of cattle on hopi consuming a total of sixty six thousand gallons of water a day. they also say continued. Grazing could result in a long term loss of range land vegetation despite short-term relief from heavy monsoon rain this summer the hopi department of natural resources says much of the reservation and state are still suffering from extreme drought according to officials that cattle reduction is likely the first in a series of steps that tribe could implement if conditions continued to worsen the hopi drought plan approved by the tribal council in two thousand outlined several other methods to mitigate the effects of drought on firefighting ranching and the domestic water supply. In the coming months hopi officials also plan to address the impacts of the more than five hundred fifty feral horses that roam the reservation. The order remains in place until the end of twenty thirty one for national native news. I'm ryan juice in flagstaff. September eighth marks native women's equal pay native american women make about sixty cents for every dollar earned by white non hispanic men according to cnbc. That means it takes them nine months longer to earn as much as their white male colleagues made in two thousand twenty and native american women have been hit especially hard by the corona virus pandemic in a joint column in ms magazine. Us representatives cherise. David's and melanie stands berry urged congress to reconsider legislation such as the paycheck fairness act. And for everyone to continue calling out unfair compensation for native women a new series based on the navajo nation. Police characters created by author. Tony hillerman is beginning production in new mexico the navajo hopi observer reports. Dark winds will air on the amc network. The new mexico film office announced to the psychological thriller focuses on joe lee porn and jim chee to navajo nation. Police officers who are trying to solve a double murder in the four corners. Region chris air who is cheyenne and arapaho will direct the pilot episode and serves as executive producer air has directed numerous films and television episodes including smoke signals and an earlier dramatization of achie- and leap porn story thief of time shooting locations for the production include the navajo nation and the pueblos of coach. Eddie and to the stars include native actors zahn mclaren and kiowa gordon. Well hillerman faced criticism by some of cultural appropriation. For the cheat lee porn novels the navajo times noted in his two thousand eight obituary that he also had many fans on the navajo nation for national.

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