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And so I think it was easier to explain it was easier to explain what we were doing it kinda just makes sense in just show someone how it works. And they're like, oh, yeah. That's probably how applications should be released the next thousand years, so that was sort of helpful to attract some, you know, mazing people into the organization, certainly if you treat your employers ride, and you make sure that they're, you know, the motivated that they, you know, can work the way they want to work, and that they're learning and that they feel a sense of purpose. You know, it's just like a product your company is sort of a product in some sense. And you want them to recommend to a friend or calling just like you want your products we recommend. And so in about stats, certainly a part of grow your company is just the word of mouth again from, you know, higher grade employees tree. Treating them. Like, the the great employees. They are making feel at home and and motivated to succeed. That's I can build up an organization. So you said the one most important things you have learned while building nets redesign how important it is that you can make changes necessary changes even though it might be painful. So how to build an organization where the right people have the right information at the right time and the right authority to make those perhaps painful changes needs to be done. You know, you you you need the visibility. First of all you need to know. What's happening in your business at talk about knowing, you know, house president future knowing what's happened to store. Equate. What's happening right now. And being able to visualize trends, not what happened in the future. So it starts with that see how the visibility into what might happen. And then as you as you see it happening you have to respond. So that's where Jilani comes in and everybody talks about agile, natural, software, development, agile everything. And you know, it can't be. Emphasized enough that that you need to be able to respond to things that are happening that you see out there in the world. There's a real tension. There's definitely attention be between making sure you're staying on mission on vision going towards your sort of true north of the tension between that and responding to things that you're seeing in the marketplace, but you don't wanna get diverted. And so, you know in growing, our company, my think, you know, it's definitely part of leadership to be able to identify those times that you do need to pivot and then identifying those times where it's best not to pivot. It's just leaders. You know, it's interesting. You would say that new Smith Google said, you know, the the best companies they can die from having too many Oba Jones's Seth to fewer, how do you see that? You know, no star. How do you see that process of the true to what you want to achieve and not be diverted into shiny, new items? Like all north takes. It takes some degree of courage because you'll get some amazing opportunities huge. Customers that will come along. And they'll try to get you going where they wanna go and the allure of the big customer in the big deal is one that's hard to resist and sometimes it's the right thing to do a lot of what we had to do in building nets. We'd was figuring out how to sort of mitigate the fact that some of our biggest customers could potentially take us into directions that we didn't wanna go. And I think is trying to figure out a way that you can be flexible man that may involve developing a partner, Shannon partners that can extend what you have in. This could be this is not just in suffering anything harder ships are incredibly important partners and be a critical part of addressing some of these needs. That are going to bring a bunch of resources into your company without getting off your path towards what your true north star. So the solution is different in every case. But obviously, that's the that's the major balance on the aft to have in every company obviously struggles which making making sure they can get funding. They can invest in what they wanna do in the. Term, but you also want to to stay on track. And. Pointing out Simon. I think at the end of the day, the focus is the most important thing. And I would always argue that entrepreneurs should you know, ultimately way of staying on track and avoid.

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