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Two zero eight four Anderson advocates dot com the WG why accu weather forecast snow with varying intensity today accumulating three to six inches with slippery travel we'll have a high of thirty two degrees some sleep may make sense south of the capital region lingering clowns but colder low twenty one tonight mostly cloudy and becoming windy tomorrow with a couple of snow showers from mid day on even a snow squall in some places that can bring white out conditions I about thirty three brisk in the morning Thursday otherwise mostly sunny and very cold hi just nineteen with your accu weather forecast Stein meteorologist tethers air on news radio eight ten and one oh three one WG wine right now snow twenty eight news radio eight ten and one oh three one W. G. Y. again host of accidents this morning we're seeing some big delays along the major interstates including seven eighty seven south bound all in at seven in both directions Northway southbound ninety around seven eighty seven and the through way south bound from exit twenty three our top story probably don't have to tell you but it is snowing this morning and forecasters say it will continue to do so for much of the day winter weather advisory remains in place we can expect anywhere from three to six inches by this evening W. G. Y. accu weather meteorologist heather's there says some of the heaviest snow is falling this morning that will make driving tricky ability will definitely be fairly low at times we've already had some occurrences where it's gotten down to under a couple of miles and so that does make it kind of hard to.

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