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There those guys scare me sorry did you that's very correct the that that recent boston like every time those videos come out ago this is really cool and i'm scared i always think of that scene i watch those videos and then i'll watch the scene dress park with goldblum early like he didn't think about they should do the somewhat related to that i read another story a couple of weeks ago about how the fbi was giving a presentation at a security conference and they were talking about how it sounds it sounds almost made up i don't know if i want to believe the story or not talked about how they were doing they were working on this hostage rescue situation and how they had this elevated observation position where they were watching where everything was happening and that as they were sitting there survey position that their agents got overrun by swarm of drones that the people who were controlling drones and sending them swooping after the agents that they were filming and live streaming the the swooping that we the people in the house could observe the fbi agents and in order to make their scape that sounds like that's very celery onion thing but i also totally believe will happen did you ever see there was a there was a movie in the early eighties at tom selleck it was called runaway it was like it was a science fiction guy that has the mustache i know tom selleck is i didn't see the movie run away was a science fiction film when i was a kid it's that movie scared the shit out of me but it was like it was sitting the future and i think it was supposed to be supposed to be in seattle and there's like all there's the bad guy is gene simmons from kiss hell yeah there's all these little robot there's a poster of this now it's in the future so this robots everywhere and there's like these little robots that can be hacked and controlled and they can like inject people with poison to kill him and gene simmons has a gun that has bullets that our tongues it's tied to people so it's like if he shoots a bullet at you blaine around a corner it goes around and looks for you and it finds only.

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