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Every purchase everywhere what's in your wallet a group of armed robbers hitting stores in south Seattle details coming up but first however radio real time traffic you're skinny Klein Olympia your slope has a crash reported on the south and won a one ramp see why five in the north down five and Marvin wrote an axe it may still be blocking the left lane there's definitely selectivity often the inside shoulder of itself and five Berkeley the left lane remains blocked due to standing water on the freeway it says adding a real big backups around GB eleven both directions in Milton there's a crash still reported on Pacific highway near Porter way that's causing some that backup set of federal way your travel time on the east side they'll be to sell centers forty five minutes Seattle the Everest hit one hour and also in the north and how we nine sounds like it's real but to get at beaver lake road you're cedar Wally following an earlier crash this supports father by whole foods market there's a big deal for prime members at whole foods market say five dollars when you spend twenty five dollars on fresh produce at your local whole foods market and save their October twenty second five a radio real time traffic and can apply now from the Cairo radio news center my north west dot com Seattle police are searching for a group of armed robbers who hit three convenience stores overnight however seventy these run decent health reports from south Seattle travails scary thing to being there and came to relieve his overnight coworker at this shall he came to work at a crime scene this came in as robin the three guys I guess Seattle police say the string of armed robbery started around three twenty AM with the suspects hitting this store at the corner of an okay way in South Africa street they demanded money and took off as police were investigating another armed robbery happened near Lake City that was around five AM police responded to that scene but heard about a third armed robbery happening around five forty AM at the shell station no one was injured but three convenience store workers in western Washington have been killed during robberies this year state troopers say a wrong way driver struck and killed a motorcycle on state route five twenty it happened in Bellevue today the elderly driver is cooperating with investigators a battle over campaign signs about marijuana opposition one would allow recreational marijuana sales in federal way Tom Cantrell went to the big electronic road sign.

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