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He's back on which to a clock Jack still here kicking it with me one of one of the tools I gotta be honest with you if I Michael Jackson I'm I'm angry at the parity due what's in a weird al Yankovic because every time I hear that beat the first thing I think of is the parity the first thing am I the only one that knew you weren't me or no what was that even around when you when you were like I know I know Michael Jackson I I'm thinking of a different song for that one I it but that was originally okay that's excellent yeah what do you think you know I got a look it up I was just I'm literally just type in it is it in the system well a bed they don't give us the name of the song I'll look it up even bigger what else could you even think of more may I'm disappointed in you right now number I'm really disappointed how to your local smooth criminal yeah that's right all do you I don't know but yet we're now your conventional his I'll be pissed I'll be pissed off right now you will make my classic song into a joke they got mad at him of the games the paradise do got pissed off a weird out at a Grammy nomination one talk to that would be me and everybody was like all light enough to find song I want my song you remember like that maybe maybe I'm I'm a little bit of a Scrooge moments Starley just tweeted me right now is like you a Scrooge bro pessimistic and like it is what it is this this city got me pessimistic a little bit but again man we got a big game got eagles we got cowboys it's going down in the streets okay again I don't feel good about the eagles I said before right like I'm not a person who gave credit for whom beating the giants in Washington they were talking about relationships I'm not giving my friend credit for being able to date or do you.

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