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Port area. Behrooz. There was a fire there. It looked from at least one video taken by someone that buys if there was some small destinations, taking place and crackling the next minute is just the biggest explosion you've ever seen or heard. Back in this country. 18 months prison for Anthony Levandowski, the former Google engineer, pleaded guilty to stealing trade secrets before joining Uber's effort to build self driving cars. You're listening to ABC News. Governor Mike DeWine says the plan is still being worked out to address competition and contact high school sports. We don't know exactly what is going to happen a CZ we move forward. We have been working Um, uh, John has been specifically working with I'll High School Athletic association working with coach is, um To try to get this thing figured out. The governor says he understands the importance of athletics for kids Lieutenant Governor John Huston, clearing up any confusion about the latest renewed order. On July 4th contact Sports were allowed to compete under a temporary order that required quarantine and cover 19 testing, but said that does not apply to fall sports like football as he continues to work on a new plan with the A. At this time, contact Sports are only allowed to practise, citing recommendations from both the Ohio Children's Hospital Association. And the Ohio chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics Governor DeWine issuing an order requiring masks be worn in K through 12 schools with a few medical exceptions after three straight days of new cases, staying under 1000 the Ohio Department of Health announced in 1143 Nuke Over 19 pace is 127 new hospitalizations, 23 new ICU admissions and 31 new desks were also In Tuesday's numbers. The governor during his briefing this afternoon, remember the nine lives that were lost in the Dayton, Mass shooting, which happened one year ago. Today, Dwyane called for a moment of silence before urging the General Assembly to take action on the strong Ohio gun legislation. Bill. Toledo City Council approved two new issues for the November ballot Monday. The first the issues approved is a renewal of the temporary 3/4 percent income tax for city operations that generation only $57 million annually for still removal, police fire park maintenance and clean water, among other services. Other issue is a temporary four year quarter percent income tax increase to pay for road repairs and we generate nearly $19 million annually. I'm Sean Gallagher from around.

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