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The bridge near Situate Harbor. William writings lives in town, and he was working for a landscape landscape company, so He was probably overheated and you know, it's just Yeah, it's just terrible and it's a strong current. I mean, you can see it now. When I walked over, I stopped for a minute and they have across there and I think the times Coming out, and it's a strong current. And especially when you're tied, and if you cramp up again if you're gonna panic And unfortunately, you know, that was the result. The Coast Guard was called. The man was found about an hour and a half later again. He went into the water never came up. Jim Boudreau, the town administrator, says This is an awful start to the summer of 2021. It really has been a pretty tough summer in the waters. We've seen dozens of drownings in oceans, ponds and pools combined with a lifeguard shortage. So again, we've got all our police and fire and town leaders saying mind yourselves in the water. You have to respect the water. Be safe are at another water incident. This one potentially fatal. It's a little bit unclear. Let's go to a Cape Cod Motel and WBC's Tim done. A woman was pulled from a Pulitzer Hotel in Truro after being found unresponsive by vacationers. Darryl Deputy police chief Craig Dancing your says the town's public Safety dispatch center received an emergency call from the Cape View Motel just after 11 o'clock yesterday morning, that call reported the 57 year old woman had been pulled from the water by fellow guests after she was found to be unconscious in the pool for an unknown amount of time. First responders perform CPR and other life saving measures upon arrival and transported the unidentified woman to a Boston area hospital via med flight. Euro police tell me no foul play suspected, but the investigation is ongoing. The woman's condition is unknown at this time. This as numerous drowning in fatal water related incidents have been reported across the region. Tim Don w vz Boston's news radio Winthrop in morning. That's next right now. 10 33, the Subaru retailers of New England. All will drive traffic on the trees. Good morning to Kevin Brennan. Have you cleared the crash? Negative. We're still dealing with this box truck on its side. 1 28 north found just before Great plain Avenida. Um, delays on 1 28 95 North found her solid back to rue one here in debt him and he got curiosity delays that have you almost back to Kendrick Street right now in that need them stretch 24 95. Still some slowdowns approaching 93 here in Randolph in Canton. Expressway North beyond Stop and go Traffic Now Furnace Brook Parkway up through Neponset. You've got a little running room. You're running again. Morrissey Boulevard up through Columbia Road and then one more time heading into the O Neill tunnel Southbound, still quite heavy South Bay down through Savin Hill. Then some pockets here from granted have down to the split Route three tied up both directions approaching Derby Street here in Hingham. Up to the North 4 95 southbound tied up through the right lane closure between route 97 Ward Hill in behavioral 93 Colbun, now looking good Medford all the way onto the lower deck delivered down ramp slow getting down to steroid drive. This report sponsored by indeed dot com shift hiring gears with indeed they go beyond the resume with 135 skills tests. That help candidates show their abilities on things like computer.

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