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Balances wealthy in off hours we know the nba is just printing money hand over fist year growth is quite rapid here which is fueled speculation of potential future expansion which could make you cringe your could make you raise an eyebrow of intrigue according to maverick scout jarret sutton it's an interesting source to come up with his right mavericks scout jared sutton an nba executive told him quote kansas city is going to get an nba team at some point it's a real thing on referred from multiple sources just a matter of time so kansas city thirty third largest media market in the nation based on percent of venue capacity kansas city chiefs were fifteenth in the nfl and a tendency or go while the royals are currently twenty i i don't know that that's fair the world's got rid of everybody but the couple of years they were really good they were packing that place every night that's what's happening in baseball in around the nba should expand into kansas city feels like so many other places i wanna say like there's other places that are the need teams more or should get a team before seattle's one vegas is the one that really top of my list especially after we seem the golden knights due to grab always say out of bounds because i feel like there's other cities bigger markets the nba would should capitalize on i'm going to disagree i was saying bouncier yeah there's a bigger markets but you know it's not just the size of the market and the economic plausibility but it's also the demographic of the market that has shown a love for basketball back in the day now the kansas city kids to city nba al was actually okay answer i remember ricky that's actually with bernard king tore his knee when he was chasing reggie theus there's a little remember watching that game on my bed it was like ten o'clock at night on channel mind at the quarter my bed but king doesn't get that's why i've always had it against kansas city from the nba point of view however just now i don't know that this is a fair extrapolation kansas jayhawks fans among the most rapid in the countries can point why wouldn't they gravitate toward the nba believers they would definitely my answer is in but the one caveat it cannot happen before seattle everybody is behind the city of.

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