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Zack Ryder, Curt Hawkins, Wrestling discussed on Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast


Too long. You come do the show. So that's why today Mark Henry is my guest on not Sam wrestling, and we'll get to that in a couple minutes. But I I do want to tell you guys. The you have the opportunity to see not Sam wrestling live. You guys have heard about it. I've been beefing with the major brothers. Wrestling figure podcasts for a long time. There's something about these to curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder Zack Ryder, of course, spelled Z A C K H where I don't know. I collect action figures wrestling figures, and it's not something that is a negative force in my life. You know, it's something I enjoy it's an escape. It's a relief. It's the whole thing. But for some reason. Zack Ryder and curt Hawkins have made it a toxic force in their life. Where anybody who comes even close? If you are not a disciple of curt Hawkins, Zack Ryder. If you're not just sitting there just kissing their ass and sitting there and telling them that all they're the greatest and there the Michael Jordan Dwight Howard, or whoever they are of wrestling figure collecting as if that's a thing if you're not sitting there abiding by the church of Zack Ryder and curt Hawkins wrestling figure collections, which means that they are Jesus. And the Virgin Mary, and I'll let you guess who's who if you are not a agreeing with that. Then you're an enemy, and there is you are threat. It's like I didn't cult leader call leaders when somebody comes along and says, you know, this call leaders full of baloney. You guys are all brainwashed. They go nuts. He's an enemy look at that, Scientology, documentaries excommunicated. We can't have him here. He's a destructive force. That's at the major brothers. Did to me all I did was sit there and go like, look, I got my own collection. They started making fun of me. Then all of a sudden, I pointed out, I don't even think the major brothers. Actually collect wrestling figures only do is sit there and by figures on EBay one minute. They're making fun of me for my collection. The next minute. They're spending the first. Forty five minutes of their podcast announcing all the figures that they got their audience to rip them they ripped off their own audience for and they're all figures that came out years ago that they should have had already. What do you mean they came out years ago? But. David they they should have bought them originally. But they don't have Zack Ryder's buying classic superstars what? Classic superstars came out long enough ago that you should have them all but not long enough ago that you would have played with them and ruined him. Anybody who's our age? I'm the same age as those guys if you're buying full sets of classic superstars now, it's only because you didn't buy them. Then there's no reason you'd need replacements, and that's what Zack Ryder's doing because he didn't have the collection because he's not a real collector. But we're going to hash out this beef once and for all at Caroline's on Broadway, you're gonna be able to see us. It's not Sam wrestling meets the major brothers Zaka writer and curt Hawkins live in New York City. Caroline's on Broadway. The whole thing is going down Wednesday night.

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