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So it's like just like he couldn't stop powerful was that kind of the coolest thing to do is to be like, don't tell you don't tell anyone. And like you know, there's also this like subversion of expectation like Jesus was you know it talks about the suffering servant like that is not who they thought. The Messiah was going to be he was going to like come out of the you know out of the stump of David a root of just you know all of these things and so it could just be like, Hey, you need to wait until this whole story gets told before you start yapping about what's actually going on. Okay. Let's talk about Mary wife of Columbus. There's just not a lot known about her unfair burden. But she may have been Joseph's sister-in-law. So Jesus aunt cut we know she was just sister-in-law because it says it's Mary sister, right? It's but it but it says Mary sister not it's Joseph's brother's wife. That is who she is traditionally, but I mean like may if the Scripture says it's Mary sister. Right, as it says in the Bible that it's Mary sister, right then that would be bad nature Joseph sister-in-law I get you saying it's also like it could have been his sister-in-law separately from it. Being Mary Sister Right what I'm saying is Shh Mary of Columbus Clovis was potentially Joseph's brother right? We're saying the same thing are we won't because if the bobble says I, think you're saying direct sister and she's saying it could have been less expensive. Than what the Bible says just because of some of the translation stuff. Okay. Yeah. Closest may have been simians father. So Simeon was an early church father the second bishop of Jerusalem which would make Simeon was like a big kind of second generation Christian essentially making semi Jesus cousin they're to me they're too many Mary's like there's too many Mary's confusing in the tax gap using in the original we just don't know but the so the takeaway though is this isn't just like a Mary who's passing through town like a drifter. Mary, this was probably someone who has like tangentially related to. Jesus in some way way. Yeah. So if she's not so even if she's not married sister, which seems weird that we would translate it as she's Mary sister, right? Well, there's this whole which I think is an interesting thing to note because like how are people supposed to expect to like if every translation says it's Mary sister and they were like I was translated right right well, and also like there's this traditional viewpoint that an who is Mary's mother saint an had three daughters from from three different husbands not like in a way in a like they all di Di way not seriously but. Anyway she named them all Mary. So that's also were just like George Foreman Yeah? Yeah. Jerry just like George Foreman. Yeah. She's the Bible that's what it gets. And this also ties into you like what's up would Jesus's family and widened Jesus Family Take Over Guardianship of Mary? I think Jamie I think you're right when you talked about how his brothers didn't believe in him Jesus talked a lot about kingdom bonds over familial bonds.

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