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Ask In this episode I think with like the big sort of lion's mane. There's just something about Malcolm in this episode. Perhaps it's because we're travelling through time, and that's very top of mind that reminds me so much of one. One Jimmy Tarantino. Yourself in going back and watching this the Philippines is I know it had not been really coined in the vernacular, but this is really a voting block season where you have Malcolm in Denise. You had Pete Artists Abby that was that was voting. Block Lisa in scooping was a block and then. Kent End Carter like we're are kind of like a tandem ten Dang and then Kinda scripts center the free electron yeah. Yeah, I mean. This is often heralded as one of the really great survivor seasons right really of the modern. Era! Where things will happen, not just in this season, but this very episode were Jeff. Himself is like I can't remember a time that. Survivor was still alive. So there's. Especially, it's coming off of. A few season or in a row that people either outright didn't like or in the grand scheme of things felt like. It was maybe like a survivors in a little bit of a right, I would love to know some of the points of comparison for some of these seasons in the thirties versus those seasons in the early early twenties. How that would shake out? This is just such a fun eero. We Watch Akagi on last week and then to go from twenty eight to twenty five that this is just a really funny row where the game is moving. There's a lot there's a lot going on, but not too much that it's. A. You can't understand the thing. There's not a million objects also like I. Feel like that survivor really had. What was it like a great groove here in the late twenties? Yeah, for sure I mean. There's chairman you kind of like. You know. I know that we said before. We Love Queen Kara but. The season is a little divisive, but from there you get blood vs water in. These those three seasons especially in San Juan del Sur are are among my favorites of recent ish survivor. So this this is fun to go back to. Even if there are aspects of it that that are a little dicey, yeah, okay, so we have our reward challenge nothing too important happens during the reward challenge, but. In for? A River cruise barbecue. Yeah. Plan for barbecue playing for ribs, yeah, ribs and corn bread and looked like maybe like a plate of Spaghetti or something. Yeah. Now no layer shanks in hot CIDER. No I guess there's a little more conventional, but I would prefer the lamb shanks and the CIDER. Yeah, so we see the team that wins their award. This is the important part. We get on the reward. It's Penner Denise. Lisa Jeff Ken and Malcolm, where a lot of the more dramatic people abby heat artists scoop in although they side scooping Oh. Poor Mike.

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