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Takes us to the middle of the San Francisco Bay on June fourth nineteen sixty two it is here, we find evil mastermind Dr Steve and his socks shape assistant figured hiding near the docks on the shores of the infamous Alcatraz island just eight crouch down here until I tell you don't worry about our ship. It's parked on the back side of the island and well hidden, no one will notice it besides I don't plan on being here long. Anyway. We're here to swipe some of the most famous keys and the world the keys to Alcatraz there. Just follow my lead. Fidget when that boat carrying visit isn't supplies pulls up to the dock will blend right in with the people getting off of it that you repugnant rascals wait for just the right moment and then syrup dishes lease lip out of their hiding place and blend right in with the disembarking visitors. They walk right up to a man who's overseeing the arrivals and shake his hand. You must be Dr Steve. Yes. And you must be Mr. Blackwell wouldn't've Alcatraz. You are correct, sir. I say it is a pleasure to have a fellow warden. Visit us here on out. Contrast. Yes. May I introduce my vice warden, Mr. fidget. How do you do? May I say Mr. Blackwell that your prison here has become a role model for prisons all across the country. And it is an honor to talk to the man who holds the keys you do. Hold the keys. Don't you? Yes, sir. Got them right here. Excellent. Well, as I stated in my letter to you, I'm hoping to observe some of your techniques here and then implement them in my own prison. Oh, well, yes. Let us go. See what lessons you can take away from the rock. Right. This way. It's not only lessons will be taking away. Fidget. Keep an eye on those keys. They'll fetch handsome price on EBay after we swipe them this way. Dr Steve ES coming. Dr Steven no that ask they scamper off after warden Blackwell. They are being watched by three very recognizable guards unloading supplies off the boat. Golly. Dr Floyd Dr Steven fidget, just walked right up to the ward. Then shook his hand. I saw that Dr grant it's a good thing. We got. Shortly after they arrived in disguise ourselves as guards. So we can keep an eye on him to Floyd. I couldn't say for sure chips. But I'm sure it involves Dr Steve stealing something he can sell for profit in the present. He's pretty brave trying to steal something for Malika traps. This place is pretty secured. What should we do? Let's just follow behind him. And see what they're up to no doubt. They'll even opening I foil, whatever plot gotten mine, Dr grant and chips, finish unloading supplies, and then still in their guard disguises sneak off after Dr Steven figured we now turn our attention to sell block b where we find warden Blackwell's showing Dr Steven one of our Drazen empty jail cells so small they each cell is about five feet wide nine feet long about seven feet high..

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